Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

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<font size="5">News</font>

Welcome to year 2002!!!

Looks like we don't have much news this week.

Stele Brightsaber promoted to Jedi Hunter - congrats!!!

Smit gone to rogue, he's being busy with RL :(

Everyone give a warm welcome to ACO Falcon!!! Welcome to Hyperion flight pilot :)

Hyp page updated. See it at

<font size="5">Hyperion pilot of the week </font>

This weeks winner is Powerslave - he's getting back with his lotsa flying :)

I'd also like to say that we got a PILOT OF THE MONTH!!! Best Hyperion pilot

for December 2001 is Powerslave! Since you're GRD already, you'll be awarded

a Dark Cross!

Btw, if anyone has web design skills - i have a work for you, we need a site for

this comp. At least temporarly, until i'll be able to do something myself :) Of course

if yours will stun me, no other will be needed :) And, of course, it will be a good step

towards your promotion.

<font size="5">Orders</font>

-Create a battle for Rexal's Rescue comp (i added comps section - read about it there).

-Go here and check it - new comp from Tiger.

Then fly and send files to Tiger (cc me and Pred).

-Send me nice and/or funny SW related pics, it will count as activity.

-Volunteer for Hyperion page updates! Do your commander's work :)

-Recruit! Hyperion need more people!

<font size="5">Comps running at the moment</font>

All listed in previous reports. Nothing new for now.

<font size="5">Leaves/Joins/Transfers</font>

Smitrock to rogue

Falcon joined Hyperion

Stele Brightsaber gets JH

<font size="5">Awards</font>

none i noticed

<font size="5">Activity Reports</font>

JH John Doe


Page updated

GRD Powerslave


Flew TIE Battles 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 (32 missions total)

ACO Falcon


Joined Hyperion

If i missed something - you know what to do :p I also only list people who's active (it's an activity list you see :p)

<font size="5">Quaestor Escort points</font>

JH John Doe

QUA Escort

this week:10


GRD Powerslave

QUA Escort

this week:64



Hyperion page:


Online report list:

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