Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Happy 2002 everyone!!! Hope you all had a good Hogmany and New Year, I know I did :P

1) Krath CORE Studies has been launched and seems to be going down well...we've had 4 passes, 1 fail and 2 waiting to be marked (at present time) so it's looking good. I've sat the course and found it to be excellent, many thanks to Kaiann for his work in creating it.

2) I have removed Arion Sunrider from M:HM as he hasn't gotten back to me on a job I sat him, and still hasn't replied to me in an AWOL mail I sent him. MAA Corran Force, can you please remove Arion as my Magistrate. I DO already have a replacement in mind, however he hasn't yet delivered what he has promised, so I'll delay in announcing it today, hopefully another post will come over the weekend.

3) There have been problems with the incorrect flushing of members. I sincerely apologise for any distress caused (and yes there has been a fair bit of it!)

4) In response top these problems I've mailed SCL Grail a document outlining all problems, and a few pointers that would further enhance the HM's features. Grail,. I haven't had a reply so I look forward to hearing from you..hope you aren't lying drunk in a gutter somewhere...

5) The Shadow Academy goes into the New Year with 162 SA CORE graduates and an additional 4 Krath CORE graduates.

OFF-TOPIC: I don't know how many here in the UK have seen the "Star Wars FACT FILE" magazine advertised on TV. Well, the first issue is only 50p (Dunno the price in that new money...what's it called...EURO's!!! LOL...) Anyhow, I bought it and it does genuinely look really good. Produced by Lucas Books it should be a great help. The first section contains details on Darth Maul and the Sith Lords of the first 5000 years BBY. You get a large COMPELTE GALAXY map/poster and blue prints for the X-Wing and 2B1 medical droid. I would urge any fan to go and buy it, even just for the first 50p issue!!!

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