Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

1) Shadow Academy currently stands at 167 graduates, with 10 Krath BASICS graduates!

2) Mairin has informed me that she hopes to get the DB Leadership course to me by this weekend, so hopefully our first "General" Course will be ASP'd not long after and online for testing. My Preator Betja Jun is alos working on the SA BASICS Course notes.

3) As always if anyone has any ASP skills and wnats to ASP some courses for me, I'd love to hear form you. Just drop me a line, I'm sure we could use an extra pair of hands.

4) Thanks to Grail for his recent remedy in the extra mailing I've had to do with the MAA. I can now promote you myself through dossier editing, so it's all done at once and no-one will mail me asking when they'll be promoted. Thanks to MAA/DA Corran Force for accomodating the extra work I was sending his way. Much appreciated both of you.

5) Congrats to DGM/DJP Astatine. He has been appointed the new Executive Officer of the Emperors Hammer. I'm sure he'll do as much good work for us there as he has done here.

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