Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

I'd like to apologise for the delay with these announcements. These past few days I have been either working, sleeping at house warming parties or preparing/writing my big essay for Uni. It's really bogged me down and I haven't had a free minute to get online.

Everything has since bene updated after my 2 days without online access and after wednesday morning I'll be fine again, just gotta get this done right.

Thank you all for your patience and I assure that the running of the academy, be it marking tests, ammending/updating dossiers etc will all keep ticking over and be kept as up to date as I have been doing previously.

1) KHP Mairin started the ball rolling in a long needed review of the SA examinations and initial training procedure. Along with her comments DGM Astatine and GM Firefox have chipped in with further points. I had hoped to have it updated and modified by toady (the 20th of January) but due reasons stated above I haven't managed. I DO however hope to have 90% of these updates done over this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

2) Shadow Academy stands at 171 graduates and 11 Krath CORE graduates.

3) I will be on a short LoA from this Friday evening, but I'll be back on Sunday. I am going to Belfast, but everything will be updated and processed on my return, Sunday.

4) Congratulations to my former Praetor Aylius Khan. Looks like he's settling in well in the SCL office...

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