Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

1) As you know I'm on a leave of absence staring tomorrow night until Sunday morning. Will get all updates done on Sunday upon my return.

2) Also hope to get the SA BASIC course notes written this Sunday..or at least started!!! This will be my priority task over the coming week.

3) Reported errors on the SA BASICS exam have been acknowledged and I ahve assigned my Magistrate (and SA ASP guru!) to fix the files. If they aren't back to me by Friday afternoon they obviously won't be uploaded until Sunday. Just copy and paste into an e-mail and send to me!!!

4) Any questions or queries about anything ipmortant while I'm away please contact my Praetor, KAP Betja Jun.

5) The Shadow Academy currently stands at 172 grdauates and 13 Krath Studies grads!!!

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