Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Dorimad Sol QUA Report

Thats right, I was officially named QUA today or yestaurday or something along the lines of HDS, after Ryells step down. *sniff* Id like to thank all the people who helped me get here, sadly they are all retired now except our Clan Summit :P Let's call this, Crusader, QUA of HDS - Take 2 :P Second time as QUA, lets all hope I dont screw up like last time and let Brad fire me for not sending detailed reports :P  

Anyway, first off with the current competitions you must all compete in - the Defying of Authority competition! Thats cool! Play it! it is troopers against authority. You guys playing JK against myself or Daniel Stephens. How hard is that? nice n easy winner gets a "I pounded the uppers" mocking rights, so far only Max has contacted me for a game which is disappionting. I mean, think about it, how many of you REALLLY do want to kill me? c'mon I know you do :P  

An EH wide competition - JK ladder - made by Astatine - very simple competition you should all go out and show the EH with HDS/CSP/the DB is made of! whip some outter-us ass! http://www.imperialacademy.org/comps/prelude/news.asp go there for details.  

The HDS and the CSP web-site are both being worked on right now I dont know how much more info we need for the HDS one but it will open soon! however the CSP one currently needs some magic voodoo done to it to make it neato, so more news on that as it progresses :P  

Congrats to Max, who was recently promoted to the rank of PRT! *claps* keep up the activity and set an example for the rest of the members.  

Remember that email about tanks? well Im still up for it. I played Daniel in it and it was fun, wasn't it Dan! just plain blowin the crap outta each other, it was beautiful. And its even more beautiful if more people join us! Go on you know you want to. All you need is a version of IRC and the file I sent you, then type /downloadtanks and update it. Also go in #CSP where you can find me easily and get a  game up! If you need help with IRC contact me. (http://www.mirc.com) you can download it there.  

   the GMRG is open again! Think you got what it takes? I used to but now I blow :P the GMRG is great fun pure kills its all that and more! Email Sharad and his assistant, Shadow with your ID line to join!  

Obelisk site is up even though many of the features are not yet available. Have a look at http://www.hephaestusdesigns.com/obelisk.  

And now a word from our OHC

  1. EH wide competition with a JK ladder is now going on. Sign up for the ladder. The site is http://www.imperialacademy.org/comps/prelude/news.asp. I haven't seen a whole lot of participation from you lot on the ladder yet. Ast put a lot of work into this and I'll be damned if it goes to waste. How do you expect the order to get better if you can't participate in something so simple as a ladder?

  2. Obelisk site is up even though many of the features are not yet available. Have a look at http://www.hephaestusdesigns.com/obelisk.

  3. Big Obelisk competition as soon as I can finish the coding. Not much left so be on the lookout. Check the competitions part of the site for details. Multiplayer competitions are also listed there for your convenience. Speaking of multiplayer comps, participate. You get CFs just for winning. A lot better than playing just for fun eh? :P

  4. I haven't as of yet decided on anyone for any staff positions besides M:OHC Shadow. Therefore, I'll be taking apps for M:OHC number 2. The main thing I want you to be able to do is test and find good singleplayer JK levels for me. Therefore if you're applying be sure to attach a good level you've found with a written analysis about it. Other than that include any other skills like HTML, PHP, graphics, etc.

  5. I'll be cracking down on lazy QUAs and AEDs now. First order of business under that is reports. Basically you do them or you find out the hard way why you should have done them. Due by the end of today.

  6. GMRG is now being reformed. I deleted everyone from the roster except for Shadow and myself. Seperate announcement to come in a minute about the rest.

  7. Obby CORE exam is being worked on now, so you'll hear Mejas rejoicing when it's done I'm sure.

Well this has been on the backburner for long enough. I just deleted everyone but Shadow and myself from the GMRG roster. I'll now be taking applications if you'd like to join.

Requirements for entry will be for you to JK at least twice a week, willing to train or help train, and participate in competitions. Therefore, just drop me an email with what you would bring the guard and other crap I'd like to hear. Include your ID #.

You'll get more info on the GMRG and what I'm going to do with it when you join.

Thats all from the OHC

Activity has slowed since a couple members complained about being flooded, but thats ok, only if you guys come out and participate in competitions, email me and Ill find time to play you in JK! Max good job contacting me :P If anyone needs/wants help/info email me! Crusader@ehonline.org my door is always open, and if its not, the wall slides.  

OBM Crusader (Obelisk)/QUA/M:HM/House Dorimad Sol of Clan Scholae Palatinae, DC/CoL

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