Consul Report


Consul Report

Clan Alvaak News

By OWL Tron Sadow


Membership count: 25

Sith: 12 (counting Keiran)

Krath: 7

Obelisk: 6 (counting me)

The following Medal requests have been approved:

The Dark Cross has been awarded to OW Ace (Obelisk)/Auctoritas of Alvaak

The following Promotion requests have been approved:


The following Transfer requests have been approved:


The following Change requests have been approved:


Clan Comps:

Clan-wide Run-on to start February 1st on the Clan message board (

Open Command positions:

AED House Ronin of Alvaak (applications not being accepted, AED to be announced soon!) Announcements Summarized

GM - Getting the CONs and PCONs in gear, Submit to the Dark Voice newsletter, Great Jedi War set for March 2002, JK II due out in March 2002.

DGM - Technical issues with the domain continue, Submit to the TO comp "Prelude to Andevia"

SHW - Waiting on, KE Hades made M1:SHW, Submit to the "Appease the Almighty SHW Image Competition", look to challeng a really rusty SHW to XvT on IRC, TAC and SHW office working together and MoT being added, proposal of getting CoFs awarded - in the works with the COO, and may be opening the 2nd Magistrate Position in the near future.

MAA - Roster at 919 - up 15

The following appointments were made this past week:

SBM William "MiSFiT" Flechette (Sith)/AED/Archanis of Taldryan

KE Synjin 'Hades' Erebor (Krath)/M:SHW

OBM Crusader (Obelisk)/M:HM/QUA/Dorimad Sol of Scholae Palatinae

The following worthy evaluations were made this past week:

OW Waza Sunrider (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto

DJK Brian (Sith)/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

CHAN - Busy w/exams, Submit to Howie's Crazy Competition Medal Competition (phase 1 ends Feb 1st)

KCB - The Top Ten competition only has 3 days left "Top Ten Signs that Microsoft has taken over the EH", Clan Arcona's histories will be fully functional by the middle of Feb, still looking for DV's 8-13, The Dark Hall is under reconstruction, Artifact Creation Comp (I'd like one paragraph on each: Creation of the artifact, History of the Artifact, Effects/powers granted, and how they are activiated, Detrimental Effects, Level of user required, Order Specific, or not?)

SCL - News posting for Cons/PCons, Increased admin options for the Headmaster, COMPLETE Id-Lines (medals/gmrg/ksoe) all up to date, Addition of some new medals from the EH to the Database, A switch from Member based security to Position based security, Changes will all occur at once, soon to be 'Netscape' friendly

OHC - Deleted everyone but Shadow and myself from the GMRG roster. I'll now be taking applications, include your ID# (must JK at least twice a week, willing to train or help train, and participate in competitions). EH wide competition with a JK ladder is now going on, Obelisk site is up, Big Obelisk competition as soon as I can finish the coding, M:OHC is Shadow, I'll be taking apps for M:OHC number 2 (main thing I want you to be able to do is test and find good singleplayer JK levels for me). Obby CORE exam is being worked on now.

HM - SA BASICS Exam Operational, I'm on a leave of absence until Sunday morning, hope to get the SA BASIC course notes written this Sunday, Magistrate to fix SA errors, Shadow Academy currently stands at 172 grdauates and 13 Krath Studies grads

KHP - Event 2 submissions for the GKW are due in this SATURDAY at 11.59pm EST, Event 3 will be made available for completion this weekend, Krath Monthly Topic submissions are due in by 31st January at 11.59pm EST

And that's that, on with our one and only recieved house reportÂ…DJK Keldorn I need a Sith report for next week and Warrior Jacob Van Nowak or DJK Tethlis Caledor Entar I need an Obelisk report next week or we'll have to make some arrangements. Good job Aseret!

House Dominatus: Report #13


  • Recruit, we need more people!

  • Take part in as many competitions as you can (see below)


Please see the following links for the latest news on the Order and the

Brotherhood in general:

House News:

*we're managing some results finally though I don't think we should victory

as of yet


*Prelude to Andevia,EH Wide


*Krath Wars have began:

A run-on open which this House won't do,I'm afraid and a second individual

writing event.More info on the given URL

*Krath Monthly Topic:Topic for January is "Resurrection". Usual rules apply:

  • 1 page minimum of 12 point sized text

  • .doc or .txt submissions only

  • Make sure to include your ID line

  • Send your entries to the KHP by 11.59pm EST on 31st January

  • House Competition: Phyle Motto.Design a motto for Praetorious.Winner gets

a DC.Judges:Aseret,Cirith and Li since he is the TET.

*House Competition #2:design a comp.

Create competitions to be performed on our House.Be creative.Create as many

as you want.

Award,as always,a DC.Judges,as always,Aseret and Cirith.


KAP Cirith,Aedile:

*performing usual Aedile tasks(= incentivating members)

KP George aka Jaksic-Lukic:

*a word to say he prefers being called George instead of Jaksic:)

KP Enerum Shka:

*it's the one from who we have heard most this week

*entered Phyle Motto Comp

GRD Li Mu Bai,Tetrarch:

*entered Phyle Motto Comp

PRT Arkady:

*no activity this week

NOV Gwaihir:

*no activity this week

KAP Aseret(Krath)/QUA/Dominatus of Alvaak

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