Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Sub-Zero Squadron Report #1

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Sub Zero Motto: Resistance only delays your inevitable Destiny


Sub-Zero Squadron News

ACO Corsair has gone rouge. Wish him a speedy return to Sub-Zero. Also PRT Lorn Blahde is going Rouge. Many of you didn’t report in this week. Also there is a AWOL check going on only some people reported in, report in by Saturday of be declared Rouge. Also participate in Prelude to Andevia.Also I’ve had only a couple people at report in. I’m looking for a new FL if your interested please e-mail me.

I’m trying to come up with an idea for a comp in our squadron, if any of you have any ideas please feel free to e-mail them to me. I attached the graphic Torres made

Sub-Zero Comp & Tridens Comp

Feb. 1st - 28th: Free-TIE 41; Free XvT 11; Free XWA 44.

Medals & Elevations

DJK Torres has been awarded the Steel Cross.Yay!!

Merit Marks.

The new merit system is now in place the details are:

Points are awarded for all types of activity, such as flying, graphics, mission design and fiction:

All pilot files submitted by a pilot will receive a point for each mission completed in the battle. So if you complete a 6-mission battle, then you will receive 6 merit points.

For competitions there will be a set amount of points given to each pilot that participates, along with the points for the number of completed missions, entries, etc. for that competition.

Medals aware awarded after a set number of points has been amassed:

Dark Cross (DC) - 60 Merit points

War Cross (WC) - 150 Merit points

Steel Cross (SC) - 300 Merit points

I have put the merit marks in your activity reports, please contact me if you think they are wrong, theses merit marks are calculated from when i took command of Sub-Zero.

Activity Reports

Merit Marks are based on DB battles submitted to me or Comp non-DB battles since I became CMDR of SZ.

PRT Lorn Blahdegoing rouge Active on e-mail0 merits

Sith Flight Leader PelActive on E-mail

0 merits

Sith Flight Member Hev Randrowanno reponse0 merits

Sith Flight Member VortoqResponded to AWOL check,Active on e-mail0 merits

Sith Flight Member Vonnegutno response0 merits

Sith Flight Member TorresMade a image for Tridens, responded to AWOL check, and finished Sith Studies Active on E-mail Received Steel Cross10 merits

Sith Flight Member CorsairGoing declared Rouge 0 merits


Ways To annoy Bin Laden

1.Point out the lice in his beard to make him feel self-conscious.

2.Pause for a moment, listen carefully, and say, "Doesn't that sound a lot like a B-52?"

3.Ask him if he's looking forward to replacing Hitler as Satan's favorite chew toy in the lowest inferno of Hell.

4.Tell him all about your great vacation to Saudi Arabia, where you went absolutely everywhere and did everything, just stomped all over the place.

5.Use his satellite phone to call the time and weather line in Buenos Aires and leave it off the hook.

6.Tell him how much less you paid for your Kalashnikov rifle.

7.Now that you know the address of his secret cave hideout, fill out magazine subscription cards for him for the Wine Spectator and Penthouse. But do not, under any circumstances, send him Popular Mechanics.

8.Order him ten Domino's pizzas with extra ham topping.

9.Correct him when he ends a sentence with a preposition.

10.Ask whether the Taliban gets cable, because you haven't seen "Sex and the City" for weeks.




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