Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

31 January 2002

Dark Hand Report

Not a lot has changed since last week, the competitions are all still active as far as I know, and I haven't come across any news ones yet.

Activity has been up, with myself, Gelton Torr, and Ziguarath all participating in the Prelude to Andevia and Feel the Force competitions.

As of 23:16 GMT on the 31st, the following scores stand for the FTF comp.

House Cestus

Participants = 3

Score = 65

Rank = 2rd


Score = 33

Rank = 6th


Score = 17

Rank = 7th

Gelton Torr

Score = 15

Rank = 10th

We are ranked second in the house competition, those who come under "other" are no included in the house rankings. Dinaari has 169 and Dorimad Sol has 44, (1st and 3rd respectively).

I am awaiting scoring/judging of four custom JK multiplayer levels that I have made this week and sent in. Hopefully this will move us clear of Dorimad Sol and give us plenty of room for error.

Also it would appear graphics submissions yield a substantial reward if they are of some quality, so anyone with skill in this area feel free to submit them to the proper authorities.

We still need to play more games though, Dinaari has more competitors than us, so does Dorimad Sol, but that doesn't change the fact they have been playing more than us aswell. Remember when you play a game, to take a screenshot of the score before you leave the level, pressing ` brings up scores ingame, and pressing f12 takes the screenshot, which is then saved to your JK folder.

Whilst winning this may be a bit much, we can definitely finish in second and with a respectable score, so come on, lets get playing.

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