Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Alright guys, theres so much going on right now its scary. I know I've been kinda bitchy lately but I think it has helped. There has been a lot more activity going on and a lot more people participating in stuff. So anyway, YAY House, and on to the report =P



I'm gonna do this section chronologically so as not to confuse people about whats happening.

1) Prelude to Andevia is still going on. Details can be found at http://www.imperialacademy.org/comps/prelude And even if your not interested in the JK Ladder portion of it there's still tons to do. There's graphics, run-ons, flight sims and a bunch of other stuff, so go play. The ending of the comp is set for March 7 so you still have plenty of time to be active.

2) The Obelisk Feel the Force comp is in full swing. Basically its a ladder competition with a twist. Aside from JK theres a lot of other stuff to do: theres graphics, levels, skins and other JK mods. And...not only is this for your own indivisual pleasure, there is a House Ladder as well. That means the total points of all Dinaarians goes into this. Right now we're in second...SECOND!? thats not first and I do not want to see it end that way. If you wanna sign up and help out the house give me an email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) Check out Feel the Force at the Obby site http://www.hephaestusdesigns.com/obelisk/news.php

3) The most important competition of all...

The Dinaari Crusades (crowd roars) Shadow hold up a hand for silence

Thats right, the ancient legend of the Dark Crusades has returned slightly formatted for Dinaari. Everyone in the house has already been added to the roster, and we have a special guest William "MiSFiT" Flechette, a Sithy looking for some good ol' Obby activity. All the rules are posted on the site, http://www.dinaari.org/crusades/. Dinaari Crusades started today and will end in two weeks. We'll have one every month or every other month (I haven't decided yet)



Nadda for joins. This is a bda thing, with JK II coming out I want to see some more members. Talk to your friends, talk to other subgroup members or chat with people on the zone. Let 'em know that when JK II comes out Dinaari will be the place to be.



Nadda for parts, you guys are too smart to leave =P



No promotions this week. But that should change in the near future. Once more people get into these comps I will be giving many promos.



Same as promos. However, Crusades is offering a lot of awards. You can win every award up to Grand Cross of the Darkside (except MP awards and LSS, etc)



Not much for websites. As SwipeR said the Dark Fire site will be coming soon (I hope) and Dinaari.org is being updated a lot. I need a few new graphics done so anyone interested send me a reply. Also, check out the competitions page to see all the current comps.



Participate in Prelude, participate in FTF and participate in the Crusades. It's all good and shiney's for all who win. Whew, that was a long report, for me anyway, so uhh ya...thats it, good night.

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