Consul Report


Consul Report

<div> <div align="center">Clan Satal Keto Report</div> <div> </div> <div>Consul/SBL Drako reporting.......</div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div>Clan News</div> <div> </div> <div>For current DB news, members are asked to Check the DB site at: </div> <div> </div> <div>The weeks get better and better! We got ourselves a new obie... like gold dust them jedi! :P We've just seen the end to a proposal in the AoC, that was lasting nearly a month... or was it over?? :P and to top the lot off... and by no means least.... Aleema have laid down da Smack in the Great Krath War!</div> <div> </div> <div>Congratulations to the entire house, it's excellent staff and the following noteworthy Jedi; GRD Tomaas Montte, DJM Shups, GRD Ziltopia, KPN Arion Sunrider, GRD Maradis Jenkar whose fine efforts have ensured Aleema's lead by over double their nearest rival, a truely remarkable feat!</div> <div> </div> <div>There are so many competitions going on right now, that their really is no way of keeping track of them all! :P Noteworthy ones are:</div> <div>The Prelude to Andevia @</div> <div></div> <div>This is one for all orders of the DB! So everyone take part!</div> <div>I'd also like to mention DA Elya has diligently updated the Clan run on again, many thanks!</div> <div> </div> <div>Feel the Force for the Obies at:</div> <div>Stone of Light for the Krath at:</div> <div> </div> <div> <div>DA Elya is on the hunt for info, stories, graphics.. you name it she wants it .... columns.. and more for the Clan Newsletter! Anyone with anything they think would be a good for it... do mail her at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] </div> <div> </div> <div>Overall things are improving all the time... More activity is still better!! :)))</div> <div> </div> <div>And of course the usual plug: Vote for your Consul, SBL Drako Now!!! He needs your votes!!</div></div> <div> <div> </div> <div> <div> <div> <div>The Clan is currently at 51. Lost one, gained one!</div> <div> </div> <div>2 reports in this week! </div> <div> </div> <div>The roster and news database at the CSK homepage is located at:</div> <div> <div>The Dark Brotherhood News and Database is located at:</div></div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div>Sith Battle Lord Drako(Sith)/Consul/Clan Satal Keto
</div> <div>2nd Clan of the Dark Brotherhood</div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div>Aleema Report</div> <div> </div> <div><BOW>

KAP Troutrooper reporting in for House Aleema, 31 Jan 2002...

-XO Astatine's comp, "Prelude to Andevia" is still up and running! Lots
of great chances to earn medals, fame, glory, you get the idea :)
-I hope you're all sitting down for this next bit of information...
ready? Okay... ISP Brad has GASP! released a report! Yes, that's
right folks! For the first time in...well, for the first time, ISP Brad
has done something! And it looks cool! Go read his report on

-HM Mejas Doto has gone missing (I'm feeling a case of alien abduction
here, but that's just me). If any APP asks, tell him/her to retake
their exams and send them to KAP Betja Jun. Either that, or they can
wait until the aliens are done prodding the HM and he returns to his
normal duties.
-OHC Sharad (yeah that guy with ops in #csk who always gets defensive
whenever I insult Obbies) is running a big JK comp called "Feel the
Force". All you saber enthusiasts can test your luck in this comp.
-KHP Mairin just released a new comp for us writers. Two in fact. The
first is Febraury's monthly topic ("Surrender"). The other is some kind
of poetry thingy (if you didn't know already, I'm not a big poetry
guy). Go here for more info:
-HRLD Kaine Mandaala STILL needs a DV staff. Anyone interested? Then
email him :)
-CoG Trev and SHW Yacko are also running comps. Are all DC members
running comps?

-GKW Event #2 results have been released. Though we took second in
participation, we TOTALLY ROCKED THE WORLD in quality!!! Check this
1: KAP Ciara Tearnan/CON/Tarentum
2: GRD Tomaas Montte/Aleema of Satal Keto --> W00T!
3: DJM Shups/Aleema of Satal Keto --> W00T!
4: KAP Khobai/House Khobai of Clan Rogue (dun ask)
5: GRD Ziltopia/Aleema of Satal Keto --> W00T!
6= KPN Arion Sunrider/Aleema of Satal Keto --> W00T!
6= KAP Betja Jun/Ektrosis of Taldryan
8: KP Candeth Martine/Ektrosis of Taldryan
9: GRD Maradis Jenkar/Aleema of Satal Keto --> W00T!
10: GRD Korbane Ashoka/Qel-Droma of Arcona

Out of the Top Ten, we placed 5!! Heck, in the top five, we placed 3!!!
Go ALEEMA!! In terms of house scores, it goes down like this:

Ektrosis: 18
Gladius: 15
"Khobai": 8
Acclivis Draco: 4 (remember these guys? the ones we lost to by 1/2
point in the Vendetta? >:D)
Qel-Droma: 3
Marka Ragnos: 1
Dominatus: 0

Though this is better than awesome, keep in mind that this is only one
round. Any of the houses can easily sweep event #3 or 4 and overtake
us. So I urge everyone to read this report and get back to writing your
submissions for Event #3 (which are due 9 Feb). Just like any playoff:
winning in round 1 is good, but only by winning all the rounds will you
claim the championship.

-Elya has asked for assistance with the CSK Newsletter. If anyone wants
to help out, email her :)
-There is also a CSK run-on for the Prelude to Andevia comp. Check out
the clan's mailing list.

-Well, the big news of the week has already been told. Go us :)
-Kaiann is on leave, which does NOT mean you can:
1. TP his office
2. streak through the stronghold
3. incite food fights in the mess hall
4. torture me (wait...y'all do that when he's here...bastards :D)
5. forget to do your meditations
If I find anyone doing these things while Kaiann is away, you will be
slapped by a real trout.

House Activity:

>From now on, please cc me or the house list when submitting anything
for a competition. Just that little effort makes my life so much easier
(and you get recognition for it!). For this first time around, I found
four activity reports from people. Not bad, but we're Aleema. I expect
the best.

DJM Shups
[Jan 1 thru Jan 25]
-4 submissions for Event 1-Krath War
-Submission for Event 2- Krath war
-responds to email
-some minor IRC activity
-participated in DB trivia
-placed 3rd in GKW event 2!!!
-> Sweetness! Ex-Sith untie...I mean, unite!

KPN Arion Sunrider
1. Posted on the GKW Event 1 run-on.
2. Got 6th place in GKW Event 2. :) Yay me!
3. Working on submission for GKW Event 3.
4. Passed 2 IWATS courses (GFX & TIE Tactics)
5. Sumitted a 3rd IWATS course (ICQ)
6. Strong online (IRC) presence.
-> Dont forget "Kept punk student in check" :D

KAP Adam Anderson
Jan 1-25 I wrote 5 entries for the GKW, used the house
mail list, and tried to get a handle on what the KHP
wanted for parts 2-4 of GKW.
I started event 3 submission. I am doing it in an
interestingly way. I have nearly one and a half pages
complete. My way of doing it is going to be one to
-> Cool! Be sure to share the love with us when you're done :)

GRD Maradis Jenkar
[Jan 1-Jan 25]
*Submitted article to Dark Voice ("Saber of Light").
*3+ submissions for Event 1--Krath War
*Submitted for Event 2--Krath War ("Rod of Mastery").
*Responded to email
*Conversed with House members over AIM (not documented, I'm afraid)
*Oh yeah...took and passed the Krath Core exam as well (score was one
point short of perfection).
*Got 9th place in GKW Event 2.
*Working on submission for Event 3.
-> Excellent... :D
[See? This isn't much work at all. And if you remember to cc me on
things, you don't even have to do this much! Make your Aedile work! :D]

I'm making the rest of these up off the cuff, so if I miss anything,
oops :)

DA Elya
-Furthered the run-on a bunch of times
-Helped the house in a myraid of ways, not limited to updating the
run-on, worked on, and other background schtuff.
-Participated in GKW Event 2
-Participated in January's KMT
-Active on IRC and AIM
-> You go girl!

KAP Troutrooper
-Did some run-on schtuff
-Participated in GKW event 2
-busy with school work
-active on IRC and AIM
-passed the Krath Core exam
-> Go me! :D

DJK Ghost
-Working on the run-on, presence felt on AIM
-> Remember to stay on the plot. Otherwise, youre doing well :)

DJK Tatsu Kogarasu
-said something important, but I think he was not in full control of
his capacities when he wrote that email
-Participated in GKW event 2
-active on AIM
-> RESIGNED?! Dun think so!

GRD Osan'gar
-Promoted to GRD!
-Participated in GKW event 2 (at least I think he did)
-active on IRC
-> LAOS has had some bad weather recently, but I know he'll pick it up
in Febraury... ;D

GRD Ziltopia
-Returned from a long leave
-Participated in event 2
-...And placed!
-active on IRC
-Falling for another GRD, who shall remain nameless. Isn't that right,
-> <Ziltopia> WE CAN MAKE IT TOGETHER!!!!!

GRD Tomaas Montte
-Participated in...well, everything
-Including JK MP for the Prelude to Andevia comp!
-active on IRC and AIM
-> Don't forget your raincoat!

Everyone else
-> I know this house has the potential to become great for a long time.
All you PRTs and ACOs are the future of Aleema. We're depending on
y'all to carry the flag when we're old and on the Rogue list. So let's
get you active!


Gonna make it short tonight. Why? Cause I'm tired and I have work to
do. Yes, work. A foriegn concept most of the time, but every now and
then (read: when my crap comes due), I have to sit down and do work. Ah
well. Can't win 'em all. Unless you're the Miami Hurricanes. Then you

Speaking of football, America's number one sporting event takes place
this Sunday. The Super Bowl. It has become more than the NFL
championship game; it is now the ultimate party. People gather in homes
just to watch two teams they normally would not bother watching because
this is the SUPER Bowl. Not the Above-Average Bowl, or the Really Good
Bowl, but the SUPER Bowl. And along with this SUPER game comes SUPER
entertainment: the best commercials of the year, the best halftime
show, the best TV ratings of the year. Like Big Gay Al from South Park
says, "Everything's SUPER!"

Okay. I need sleep. Super amounts of sleep.
(Well I did when I wrote this last night!)

-Astatine's Prelude to Andevia
-Sharad's Feel the Force
-Mairin's Poem-type thingy
-Feb KMT
-Trev's artifact comp
-Yacko's Sithy comp
-Howlader's Design a Medal comp (Ends 1 Feb!)
(I think that's it. If not, I'll get a beating from Astatine. Oh well)

OKAY! If I type any more, I'll bore myself to death! :D


KAP Troutrooper


KAP Troutrooper(Krath)/AED/Aleema of Satal Keto
TTDR/RA Troutrooper/UBIQ/DGN Lichtor V
[AoT-TTDR] [FoEW][IMC]</div></div> <div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div>Kirleta Report</div> <div> </div> <div align="center"><font face="Lucida Handwriting, Cursive" color="#ff0000" size="5"><font face="Verdana" color="#0000ff"><font size="2"><font face="Tahoma" size="2"><font face="Arial" color="#000000"> </font></font></font></font></font><div>

House Kirleta Report.

<div align="center"> </div> <div align="center">31/01/02</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="center">By</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="center">OW Azazel.</div> <div align="center">**


</div> <div align="left"><Bow></div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">Greetings Folks!</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">**
With the announcement that OHC Sharad wants a new Obbie comp, we need to get this one under our hat and sorted!! OW Waza has mailed me with an idea.........but we need a website!! I will speak about this in the news section.</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left"> goes ;)</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">News.**</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">For all the latest news accross the DB please goto -</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">1. Here is the details on OHC Sharads comp to make and start a comp :-</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left"> <div>First off I'd like to say that I'm almost finished with all the PHP for a big new Obelisk wide competition, which will start as soon as possible. It's something different and I think it will be very fun if people participate, which is where you guys come in. Ast is bitching about promoting Andevia now, so it's my turn. I want you guys spreading the word amongst your houses and all about this big new comp. I expect everyone to be hyped about it when I start it. Also, I expect your participation in it and your motivating your house to participate in it.
Now onto the next order of business.</div> <div> </div> <div>Yay for big competitions. Guess what though. They require lots and lots of work to organize. This means lots of small competitions are good as well, since the organization and such is spread among more people. Why do you care?
Simply this. You get to come up with a competition for your house!
Guess what else. You have a month to do it. I want a full write up and website for it by March 1, 2002. I expect you all to put some effort into this and the competitions will be run in March or April depending on when other big comps will be held. Yea this is mostly your job but I'm tired of all the slack asses waiting for someone else to put out a competition.
Therefore, you get to do it! Also, there can never be enough going on. It encourages activity and more members.</div> <div> </div> <div>That's it for me. Go get started now.
Also, a note that your reports are all due by today, so if you haven't done them get them in to me or let the bitching begin!</div> <div> </div>


OBM Sharad Hett (Obelisk)/OHC/COG, GC/SC/WR-PM/(GNB)/(SN)/(BNB)/(LSS)/(CF)/ {SA: CORE}</div> <div> </div> <div>2. We have a new member!! My Dark Jedi of House Kirleta........please welcome to our the Obelisk ranks of the DB......ACO Molotov!! Hail and well met ACO Molotov!!</div> <div> </div> <div>3. Prelude to Andevia comp still running! Next week i shall re-join the JK ladder........then we shall see who rules as the greatest Obbie! I urge you ALL to sign up and take part! Rizzy.........we have some matches to play! Waza, too must face your QUA in BGJ NF!! Also write some fiction if you cannot play JK, or even help out CSK and participate in the clan run-on!! (Via Mail) Please bare in mind that any submitions for this comp should have the title of the comp in the mail title! Good luck and get cracking !</div> <div> </div> <div>4. JK2 - Outcast! - Out in March people! OBM Rizzy hit upon the idea of creating a server for the whole of the DB! We could run it ourselves.........but i need more info on how to get this sorted - Riz.......are you game for this? I don't know where to start, but i wanna get this sorted soon! Mail me and we shall give it a go ;)</div> <div> </div> <div>

</div> <div>Reports.</div> <div> </div> <div>AED.</div> <div> </div>



<div>We have a new member this week!!!! yea &welcome!!!! ACO. Molotov </div>


<div>Sharad has the new Obbie comp up & running a link is on the DB site go read it there & while your checking out the comp book mark the page its on. </div>


<div>play jk for andevia & send me your winning screen shots & I'll put you in for A </div>


<div>I guess thats it for this week 'cept for the call to arms, play jk & help with the CSK run on !!!

OW Waza Sunrider (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto, GC/DC-KC-O-C/(BN)/(CF)/ {SA: } "One shall stand ,,,,,, one shall fall" </div> <div> </div> <div>SGT's .</div> <div> </div> <div> <div>


I have been very busy this week and i just got the time now to send this report.

1) I want to get a JK comp going. Teams if we can. or 1 on 1. Ill talk to Az and Waza about Medals.

2) I have been promoted to DJK and DJK Waza was promoted to OW. Congrats Waza, about darn time :-P j/k. Now where is Azazel's promotion hehe.

3) I have seen a little more activity out of CSK. Lets get it up to a full 100%.

Once again sorry about the Late!! report

DJK Ric Gravin (Obelisk)/SGT/Kirleta of Satal Keto, DC



Azazels Final Thoughts!! >:P

R<font color="#000066">ight guy's, we're getting there! The ideas are coming thick and fast! We just have to swing into action! Tomorrow my cable comes...........Saterday i will sign up for the Ladder, Sunday i will test my JK ...........Tuesday i want a fight!</font>

Thats right.......I'M COMING BACK TO MP!!! And i expect to see the rest of you follow suit too! I know some of you already do, but bare in mind this.......House Kirleta was once the #1 House for the active JK'ers.........and it could be again! All we need is participation. If there's no change within a month in the activity level of this House, i will start to remove members from the roster so fast .......their feet won't touch the ground!

You know who you know what i'm know what MUST be it's down to you to choose your path, BUT choose wisely!! Are you a Dark Jedi? Or a lightside softie and a coward? Mail me if you need help! But don't be shy.........i'm here to help all of you! So get yer fingies ready for action.........and put your thinking caps on!!

I also want some FEEDBACK!! On OHC Sharads comp................and on OBM Rizlib's suggestion for a server for JK2 that we can use!! I also want to know who could make us a site for this comp.........i have a month to get this MOVE PEOPLE!!!!

Respectfully submitted.


<-o-><-o-> ^-WC-^ <-o-><-o->

WC/COL Azazel/Wing XIII/ISD Grey Wolf

*SSx2/BSx2/PCx5/ISMx4/IS-1BR/LoC-PSx22/COL/CoB/OV [LGNR] {IWATS- AIM-CBX-M/1/2-RT-SM/2-TT-XTT} ( Tie Phantom-'Sabertooth' | Callsign- "Wolverine") *

OW Azazel Djo'Tarr (Obelisk)/QUA/Kirleta of Satal Keto,

WR-PM/(BN) {SA Core}

RG/SM Azazel Djo'Tarr/Alpha-Phare-Frigg {DGA-Core}

"Every Wolf suffers flea's.......tis easy enough scratch!!"

ISD Grey Wolf : ASF Flag Ship. </div></div></div></div></div> <div>Galthain Report</div><font size="3"><font size="2"></font><font size="2"></font><font size="2"></font> </font><div>
</div> <div> <div> <div> <div> <div>No Report</div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>

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