Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Dark Greetings Brethren...

Mejas notices as everyone looks about asking - "Who the heck is that?"...then High Priestess Mairin rises from her seat and yells - "It's the Head Master!!!"....ooh's and aaah's resound throughout the Dark Hall and Mejas once again begins his address....

I'd like to start by relaying my apologies to one and all, in my position I should not have abandoned you all in such a manor, however, it was in no way planned.

As most of you know, I was on a short LoA while I visited my girlfriend, it turned out that I stayed a full week with her and didn't have internet access from her home - as for an internet cafe, they were few and far between, and was a little too embaressed to go in with her as I logged into this site...

I have however graded all 17 SA BASICS exams and the 10 DB BASICS Exams, Betja has been able to do the character profiles and everything is fully up to date database wise.

As for the site updates that have been due since Ast and Mai's crit, these will hopefully be done tomorrow afternoon. Also, many of you have been requesting course notes for the SA BASICS exam. KHP Mairin kindly rattled up a set and they are just waiting initial approval from GM and DGM.

Furthermore, many have been mailing me in question of the Sith Studies. People have suggested that if all appropriate IWATS courses have been studied and passed then Sith CORE should be awarded. I think that this is a pretty decent idea and will discuss the matter with the GM, DGM and SHW.

On the topic of the Sith, JH Dark hawk's excellent (73 page) Sith history and info document was being considered for course material, however, after consultation with SHW Yacko I believe it's best used elsewhere. Congrats however on your Ruby Sceptre - it was an OUTSTANDING piece of work.

I realise I have let a lot of people down, Mairin and Betja have handled the situation wonderfully - I am severly endebted to them. I would also like to add that I would not intend this happening again, but it may already be too late.

I hope that I have not already lost all your trust, but if you the members, or the Council as a group, feel that this act has severly damaged my stead as Head Master I will step down without hesitation.

In Darkness

Dark Adept Mejas Doto

Head Master of the Shadow Academy

DA Mejas Doto (Krath)/HM,



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