Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

I'm doing a report! Isn't that amazing?! I can't believe it.  Oh well, I submit myself for public flogging now.  Sorry I missed last week's, especially after I harp on my QUAs and AEDs if they miss a report, but... oh well.  I can't say I had a good excuse, I was just exhausted and couldn't find the energy to write up a report.  So every Sith Order Leader... you can all laugh at me and call me names for at least a month now.  

Anyways... on to news.

1) Some kook posted something on the DB MB... maybe you should go look... and even when the kook doesn't post something, you should still go look! DB MB is located at:

2) Sith Wars are progressing nicely, programming of the pages is starting soon, and then, who knows, maybe we'll just kick some ass :P

3) Congratulations to House Dinaari of Clan Taldryan for winning First House of the Obelisk, and Congratulations to the rest of the Houses that participated. Congrats also to the soon-to-be announced winners of the Krath Order Competition which is on-going. You've all done well... I'm such a nice SHW for caring about the other orders, no? :P

4) With the AoC Disbanded, Jac took the leap from Consul and my former boss, to Emmissary and dude who's farther down on the DC food chain than me... cool. Gratz Jaccles.

5) SUPER HUGE NEWS! Custom Fighter Design formula has been finished in it's first draft, and passed on to The GM/DGM for their approval. This will make the creation of new DB fighters even easier!

6)_ Sith Order Studies:_ AHHHH! Sith QUAs and AEDs... I'll be emailing you again after I email these to re-issue my orders, as QUA Wil Striker of Tarentum is still the only one who has responded to such orders. I was under the impression that tha majority of the Order wanted Sith Order Studies... I don't want to make them without consulting my order (The SITH [See the resemblance?] Order). If you want these courses, I suggest you give your QUAs and AEDs some ideas for the Sith Order Course, and then I suggest you bug the living hell out of them until they send me those suggestions.

7)_ SITH WEBSITE:_ After I complete the Sith Wars pages, I'll start working on some more aspects of the Sith Website, right now only the news function works, but soon, very soon, many functions will work... as soon as I find that caffeine IV so I can give up sleep fully...

8) The SSD Avenger is down two members this week to 79, while the ISD Subjugator and Tau Squadron are steady at 36 and 11 respectively. This numbers the Brotherhood Fleet at 126 pilots.

9) Comments? Bitches? Ideas? Email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] -- No Solicitors please.

That be it folks... God I need to trim these things to like, 4 parts :P

Fly Fast and Shoot Straight,

Sith High Warrior Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

Colonel and Flight Member of Tau Squadron, The Grand Master's Escort

- -

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