Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

1) Sorry again for the briefness of this report, between being snowstayed in school last night, the start of rugby practice, and a few hellish allnighters getting some papers in, I've had little to no online time.

2) Lots of discussion in the Sith War Centre, this is very encouraging. I'll be starting to compile all the Sith Order Studies ideas that have been presented into workable course outlines. Then when those are completed, I'll be looking around for some Professors. Fun stuff.

3) I'll be attempting to dedicate some time this weekend to the Sith Wars Website. I'll keep you all posted as developements happen.

4) Big congrats for Quaestor Jeff Loruss of House Archanis, who has recently been promoted to Proconsul of his Clan. Unfortunately this means you lose almost all voice in the Sith War Centre... minus being my Praetor and stuff... but oh well, perhaps it's for the greater good. Jeff and the Taldryan CON are not accepting apps for Archanis QUA yet, so don't pester them.

5) Avenger Task Force has dropped to 128 Members, a loss of 1 from last week.

Fly Fast and Shoot Straight,


Sith High Warrior Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

Colonel and Flight Member of Tau Squadron, The Grand Master's Escort

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