Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

1) The "new" SA CORE has been going well this week. Many, many graduates. For those who are mailing me saying they're having trouble opening the downloadable file, please download a copy of winzip. If you still have problems then please contact me and I'll mail you the files directly.

2) With the new SA grdauate rank of Novice, you can't actually select to join a Hous euntil Acolyte. I have contacted Grail so he can make the appropriate updates to the code, however until then, please mail MAA Corran Force directly, with the subject of "SA NEW GRADUATE JOIN HOUSE".

3) Could P:SCL Aylius Khan or SCL grail please contact me about concerning the ASPing of the overall SA site.

4) Unfortunately due to EMS/GM Jac's RL he has not been involved with the DB the past week or so, however he will eventually get the new House Leadership exam out to me.

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