Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

Short report this week as I'm busy and need to start my drive home for the weekend.

  1. I'm working on a new ladder system which will have a much better balance of skill and activity rather than just whoever plays the most wins. I'll need some volunteers to test this for me soon, so be on the lookout for more info.

  2. GMRG is at 18 members and activity is dropping again. I'll be cutting and promoting members this week hopefully, so we'll finally start to see how the real guard is going to look. Keep in mind if you want to join all you to do is send me an email, play 4 JK matches a week, and be willing to train or be trained depending on your skill level.

  3. Other than that have a good one.

OWL Sharad Hett/OHC-CoG (mucho other garbage)

"If everyone was intelligent who would we

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