Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report



Well, I just got back from a weeks leave due to school related stuff, and now I'm relaxing during Spring Break. Currently there are no Dinaari activities going on...but that will be changing as soon as possible. Also, due to assholes cheating on the ladders, Ast had to shut down both the JK and XWA/XvT ladder for Prelude to Andevia.

1) AWOL Check for us is done, glad to say I got everyone's email, or talked to them on irc.

2) The objectives are still the same as last week:

Primary Objectives: CON Ziggy wants to see more fiction-based Obelisk work. And frankly, I agree with him. Warriors aren't just brawns we have brains as well...and I'd much rather read a story about saber battles, and gun fights then boring shit about medallions of power and other Krathy crap :P So, anyone interested in recieving some medals...write down a cool story and email it to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Secondary Objective: Recruit!! We need more members, and with all the hype for JK II it shouldn't be all that difficult. Any active member recruited and who gets through the Shadow Accademy will get a medal from both me and Zigs. So go on the zone, talk to your SW-loving friends, etc. Just get members!

Secondary Objective 2: Get JK II!!!!!! I'll be picking up my copy this weekend and I hope most of you guys go out and get it too.

Summit Objective: Swipes, HF, I want weekly report from both of you now. No more missing weeks and stuff (and U know I do it too =P) Just let me know what day you can do them and thats what we'll do. Also, we're in need of some house and brigade comps. So let's start working on that as well.



One part this week, Ninj went Sith...but he'll prolly be back again later :P

Two joins this week, everyone welcome OBL Ehart and GRD Cobolt to Dinaari.



No promos this week but things should be picking up soon.



Also no medals to report this week. Want medals? Send in Obby-related fiction.



Still looking for a new Dinaari.org layout. Any ideas send them to me. Also, Swipes still needs some graphics for Darkfire Brigades site.



Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy a nice long weekend =P

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