Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report

1) This week the KCB announced his resignation. He was invited to join the ranks of the HCI and decided to accept. Please do not send any applications for KCB at this time.

2) This week I want to make special mention of the diligent work of Sith Battlelord Drako, Consul of Satal Keto. He's usually working quietly to make his Clan better and has succeeded in keeping CSK a good place for its members. So, it is with great pride that I am promoting Drako to the rank of Sith Warlord! Congratulations!

3) Following the recent incident about recruiting, the DGM, MAA, Order Leaders and myself had a little chat about the issue. Since illegal recruiting can usually only be found when someone is being clumsy about it, we've decided to change the way it worked.

From now on, recruiting from other Clans will be allowed. But you cannot offer rewards for recruiting from other Clans or give anything to someone being recruited. So, no giving a DC to DJK Nobody because he recruited someone from another Clan or giving it to GRD Whoishe because he joined your Clan. Should anyone try to do that, the punishment will be severe. Loss of medals or position being a definite possibility. From now on, people will have to work hard to keep their members. Of course, to prevent abuse, no one will be allowed to transfer again before at least one month has passed and if you are being recruited by someone, you have to indicate it in your transfer request.

These new measures should be in place in a day or two. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly.

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