Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Sapphire Squadron Report #8 as of 30/03/2002


Once more I am forced to raise my glass in salute as another pilot leaves our ranks. This time it is JH Jaguar who has decided to go to the Rogues.

A very quite week I haven't gotten any submissions for the monthly flying comp which is about to end for this month by the way. Or for anything else.

A number of changes in the HLK command structure this week our former Rollmaster Bond has been appointed AED, a rather quite appointment that one.

Also both Bob and Darkmage have transferred out of the house and resigned their respective CMDR positions and gone to separate Clans. So now there are two open CMDR spots vacant in HLK and Scithe is taking apps for them.

As a result of all the transfers going on our PCON the Goatboy is enforcing the whole "give a god damn good reason to your summit before you transfer rule" as he suspects some inter clan recruitment going on. This is bad and is HCIable.

In regard to the HCI former CNS CON and now former DB KCB Trev has been appointed as a panel inquisitor in the HCI, I still doubt we are going to be entirely rid of him but we can hope. :P


Monthly flying Comp: As always this goes on. All subs go to Scithe and CC me.

Monthly Melee: Also still on but to my knowledge nobody has taken part if they have I wasn't told.

I'm currently working on future comps for Sapphire but we still have the Sith and Great Jedi wars coming up so be prepared fly the monthly comps for practise.


None unfortunately this week.

As a side note anyone interested in creating a new Sapphire site contact me as I suck at web design and would appreciate it, plus there might be a medal in it.

Ok that's me done for another week, any problems, ideas or anything feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do.

SW Janos Silverwulf(Sith)/CMDR/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow(I'm really not cut out for a command position, you do know that!)

CMDR Sapphire Squadron

The Last Drunken CMDR

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