Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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<font face="Arial">Edition #006 - March 30rd, 2002</font>

<font face="Arial">Hail.
This week I have grave news to announce, which makes me wonder what's going on HLK. We seem as if attacked by a curse or something.</font>

<li><font face="Arial">_Activity _ </font>

<font face="Arial">The participation is getting almost negative, for we have more transfer requests approved this week than in the entire history of the House, being 2 to Rogue, 2 to Scholae Palatinae and 1 to Taldryan, including two of the three squadron commanders. Despite that, I only got some submissions for the flying comp and no one seems to enjoy talking anymore, either on ludo group or the message board. Also, remember that PCON Goatham has reinstated he rule for transfers, all transfers requests must be sent to the Quaestor before submission to the MAA or risk treason. And for those who forgot, Trev is now INQ...</font>

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<font face="Arial">Participation points listing</font>

<font face="Arial">For those who didn't see it yet, I've fixed a php page on my Office (room 1501 - Level 15) with the total amount of points for every member on the House, including some people not in the House anymore. Right below it is a list with the tasks and respective points value. Be sure to check your advancement.</font>

<li><font face="Arial">Comps </font>

<font face="Arial">There are still a lot of things to do:
Monthly Flying comp: In the absence of Crimsonangel, I'll receive until tomorrow, then summarize what I have. Next month the comp submissions will be reviewed by Janos Silverwulf.
Monthly Melee comp: With Bob's absence, you can try to use the HLK page for scoring. Each new month, I'll check the results.
Be ready, we are getting close to start a new Sith Wars. This will be a DB-wide order comp brought by SHW Yacks staff and will be TOP PRIORITY, which means no excuse for non-participants. </font>

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<li><font face="Arial">On the Works </font>

<font face="Arial">Communication is critically down on HLK, so I reinforce here the use of the message board. (</font><font face="Arial">To the Message Board</font><font face="Arial">) </font>

<font face="Arial">In order to have access to the Message Board you'll have to finish registering your profile on the Kressh Fortress. Explaining in a simple way, I need everyone that still didn't go there to please enter </font><font face="Arial">here</font><font face="Arial"> and fill your profile. I know the site seems weird at first view, but you'll soon find some logic in it. To have an overview of the Fortress, click on the Base Directory on the lower part of the screen. If you are GRD or under, you should be on some room on Level 8. If you're JH or DJK, try Level 11. SW+ are on Levels 13, 14 and 15 on the VIP rooms. If you are really hopeless and could not find your quarters after that, try the Rollmaster's Office (Level 13 - room 1301). There's a roster with the room assignment for everybody on the crew. Just click the number of the room beside your name. To those who have never entered the profile information, the temporary password is "12341234". Yep, that easy, that stupid... So remember to change it when entering your info.
Last time I checked, there was 20 or so people without registering their data... Again.
Another thing, if you feel like to idle the Fortress and find an empty spot you think you can fill with something, be it a informative text or even a good set of pictures or anything else, please send me your proposal. It's a really imense work to fill all the places on this magestic construction, so I'll need all help I can. Medals on mailbox if you do something really interesting... </font>

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<li><font face="Arial">*Awards, Promos and stuff *</font>

<font face="Arial">GRD DujHod appointed Diamond Commander</font>

<li><font face="Arial">The Squads </font>

**<font face="Arial">Diamond: We lost Bob to Archanis, so no report. Considering the applicants I have received until now, I now appoint GRD DujHod as new Diamond CMDR.
Sapphire: CMDR Janos needs help for creation of a new Sapphire webpage. Any interested, mail him.
Emerald: We lost

Darkmage to Scholae Palatinae, so no report. Still looking for applicants. </font>**

<font face="Arial"></font>

<li><font face="Arial">Closing Notes </font>

<font face="Arial">I still want to hear from ya. If you have any issue, any kind of trouble, a question or simply want to send me to someplace weird, don't hesitate and click </font>[Log in to view e-mail addresses]<font face="Arial"> and say it. I can be sure you'll be heard (or read in this case) and maybe you can do a great favor to you and to me.
Well, enough babbling.

<font face="Arial"></font> **<font face="Arial">


SBM Scithe (Sith)/QUA/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow,
SC/WR-RM w/1/DC-KC-O-C/(BNG)(BNAg)/(DSS) {SA: CORE-OSS} </li></li></li></li></li></li></li>

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