Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings all,

As the saying goes another day another dollar for one we dont get paid and secondly I dont use dollars but it beats my usual opening line. :P

Not a great deal to report this week as I have been busy doing stuff so its short and sweet this week.


Activity has been good this week and I have seen many of you oline which is encouraging, and I have played a few of you on various platforms this week.

It was good to play ACO Daryan on JK this week and I believe he learnt something about multiplayer JK but the newer members would benefit from some tuition from you older members as everyone has there own style, so if you see any members get playing and teach them the ways of the darkside.

Also in the irc channel #ehcoc there are competitions most nights I myself can usually be found in there, and they participate on a number of platforms so get yourselves in there and have fun and maybe earn some prizes as I know JH Blackhero has been doing recently.


Okay I only had 2 applications for the position of Rollmaster one of which had already been assigned a position within the house so I would like to congratulate ACO Nelson on his new position as Rollmaster.

ACO Nelson you need to consult the Dark Side Compendium to see what your duties will involve.

Or you can mail me and I will give you a detailed brief.

I will expect reports from you every Thursday.


JH Gelton Torr is still on leave.

DJK Darkov has returned from leave and has been active on email.


I have the House website virtually finished and ready to send to my host but I need the assistance of JH Gelton Torr to help me sort my ISP out as I dont speak enough German to get round it, unless any of you are fluent in German?


The Roster currently stands at 9 Dark Jedi

OBM Samael

OW Gryffon

OW Ziguarath

DJK Darkov

JH Blackhero

JH Gelton Torr

ACO Daryan

ACO Nelson

ACO PhilIceWallbridge

Which brings me on nicely to the AWOL check.

The only people that havent replied are OBM Samael and ACO PhilIceWallbridge I hope this is due to the Hotmail problems we have experienced of the last couple of weeks.

If any of you can contact them for me and find out if they want to remain in the House this would be much appreciated if not I assume they want to be removed from the roster.


As you are all aware JK 2 Jedi Outcast was released today and still havent had time to go and pick up my copy damn real life, I am sure you will all tell me how good it is.

Especially as the shop was shut today because of Good Friday.

Those of you that do have it already is there a level editor packaged with it?


As you know I started the Jedi Trials idea, and I am currently working on the format for the Obeliskers amongst us, the respective house summits that are receiving this I would appreciate it if you can come to a solution that is suitable for your order.

I will also be going through your list of points Ciara and sending you a reply to your questions soon.

Thats it for this week if you cant be good be bad and if your going to be bad be really bad.

OW Ziguarath(Obelisk)/QUA/Cestus of Tarentum SC/DC/(BN) {SA:CORE}

"Gwell Angau Na Chwylidd"

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