Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Clan Report

Darkonain reporting on 31.3.02

hi all and sorry for the late report . but Drako had to rebuild his c partition 2 days ago, and then dropped out of contact so i guess he is still having probs.

Clan News

our beloved CON just got a Promotion to SWL, probably done by a real higher up (it say he already got it since 6 month :P). congrats again boss, and way to go!

the CON thought the PCON deserves a little token of appretiation for his work, so he awarded hin a GC! YAY me! :P

Sith war on the doors galthain is gearing up!

lots of comps going on in Aleema : peeps go participate!

a new comp about to start in Kirleta.

that here from me, rest in my own report

PCON Darkonain

Oh i nearly forgot JK2 in the stores! YAAAAAAAAAY :P

PCON Report

hi all,

new week, new report!

we lost another member this week, no new arrivals! this is bad !! i thought i told you to get the recruiting going , but apparently you need to be kick started! /me starts kicking the lazy members :P .

we really need some new blood i here, so go recruit, peeps you know from RL , from online from other clans , just get them in here and that now! thx.

someone (summit person) has suggested a promo system for his house, it looks good . so maybe the other houses want to get something along these lines in place ?

galthain just got a MB ( ), last i checked it was already getting filled up with nonsense, so have fun, go post :P

and this brings the question would a clan MB be a good idea? would it animate you guys to read the clan reports more often ? :P

a little question at the end, what do you members want ? more house /clan level comps or battleteam/phyle level ones?and what do you think of comps where the teams would consist of members of the 3 orders ??


ok i won't say i'm disappointed with the outcome of the first new capcomp round! why? cause i frankly think many have set the clan mailing list on ignore to avoid being spammed! :P

so what's the solution to this? really easy !! we will spam you at your home! read house summits pls forward the clan report to your house lists, or atleast the capcomp part of it :P

so lets see what we got for last round:

4 (5 if i count Waza's wrong entry :P)peeps submitted (in order of receiving): Azazel,silent , molotov TroutT and Liara .

at i think i should be rather handing medals for participation and not the best entries :P , but here i go attempting to judge what these peeps had to say about that pic:

winner & 1# : After Anakin left, Shmi got lonely... by TT

2# : "Appealing to much the same target audience as Harry Potter, Doctor

    Doolittle 2, and Barney's Silly Adventures in Happy Fun Land, "Star Wars:  

    Episode One" is a major disappointment to the legions of fans who made the  

    series popular in the first place... Some of whom, upon returning from the  

    movie theatre, are thrusting knives into their own abdomens at this very  

    moment - leaving suicide notes scrawling something about 'Jar-Jar Binks',  

    'midi-chlorians', and 'becoming more powerful than you could possibly  

    imagine'"...                                by molotov  

3#: Go Go Power Jedi's by silent

4# : We're Jedi Knights now!..........Hey!! Don't hit me! Or i'll tell my Dad on bully!! by Azazel

5# : All Yoda-sized Jedi students were asked to apply for the Yoda-part in

the new Jedi Council play. Unfortunately, only humans showed up, what

made the selection a lot harder , by Liara

honorable mention to Waza's wrong entry :P

and here is the rest of them (TT's three other entries, and the other two from Liara)

-George Lucas begins searching for the Anakin in Star Wars: Episode 0.

-After losing N'Sync, Lucas scrambles for replacement Jedi.

-And you thought Yoda was the smallest thing with a lightsaber.

-I hate Jedi fashion shows!

-"Mom, he just stuck his saber into..." "Hey, you asked me to shove


the new pic for this round is attached .

i hope to see more entries this time or else i will have the whole clan report forwarded to each of you :P

[XX#%%%O%%%#XX]< {>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

FM-TCC:XWA/CPT Gord Darkonian/Falcon 2-2/Wing XI/ISD Immortal



SBM Gord Darkonian (Sith)/PCON/Satal Keto,


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