Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

*Events I and II Medals Awarded *

Well, they're awarded in a fashion... I had originally gotten approval to award nova's for these events, as I figured a comp of this scale counts both as a vendetta, and as a Brotherhood wide competition, but the GM and CHAN disagreed with me on this, and though I fought long and hard, and called them both mean names... I lost, and the Crescents had to get awarded. Sorry everybody.   

*Promotion of QUA *

Well, I finally saw fit to promote somebody for their work... not that the the rest of you haven't deserved it, and don't deserve one... usually the CONs and PCONs beat me to the promo's though. Not this time! Muahaha... anyways, congrats to QUA Crix of Archanis for his promotion to SW.   

*Appointment of New QUAs *

I've sent this stuff before this, but I'd just like to say again, welcome to QUA Domi of Tridens, and QUA Darkmage of Caliburnus.   

*Event IV of the Sith Wars *

I've recieved a date on a likely release of the single player missions, and unfortunately, it's been pushed back quite late. This is roughly to be sometime this weekend, but I'll want to bug test and test fly them first, so we might have to wait until midtime next week for the Single Player event to start. Sorry about this guys, but real life has thrown us a big curveball here.   

*Sith Order Studies Courses *

I've been discussing with our first two professors, SWL Nightflyer of the Sith CORE studies course, and SW Tiger of the Sith Fighter Tactics and Maintenance course, and I have been told that the Sith CORE is advancing along quite nicely, while the Tactics and Maintenance course is plodding along slowly. I myself will be looking for help on getting the Single Player and Multiplayer tactics courses up soon. Aedile of House Archanis, DJK Hawk Falcone has volunteered to do the SP for him... if you want to help, just mail him.  

Upcoming Weeks

Just to let everyone know far ahead of time... I'll be out of contact next weekend, and possibly into Tuesday.  Following that, I'll be out of contact on May 24, 25, 26, and 27.  Plus I imagine you all know this, but I'll be among the hordes attempting to see Episode II on release day... if I do, I'll probably be gone around then too :P  

"Fly fast and shoot straight"

Sith High Warrior, Warlord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

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