Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Sith Wars Updates

Ladders end on Midnight of the 11th, which is tomorrow, so get your matches in as fast as you can.  

Event IV is still delayed.  Seeing as I'm on leave this weekend for Provincial Highschool Jeopardy (Reach for the Top), if my Praetor, SW IronHawk completes the missions, he will send them out to your House Summit Leaders via the Sith Mailing List.  You can start the missions as soon as you get them, but if it DOES go out while I'm gone, the event won't officially start until I return.  Once again, sorry about the delays, real life does have to take precidence over the EH though.  I hope you'll all understand.  

Message Boards

We have new message boards for the Emperor's Hammer.  Yay us.  I'd like to dispel some of the rumours that we Sith are only flyboys and don't know how to write on a message board, and be active in that respect.  Unfortunately, I need more people than the select few who are posting, to post.  That means I need you all to sign up and start chatting your little brains out.  

You can find the message boards here:  Please enjoy.  I know Clan Alvaak, Clan Taldryan, and House Galthain all have message boards themselves already, so you might find that your House/Clan is already talking without you.  


I'd like to congratulate SBM Frey Gallandro of House Ronin, Clan Alvaak for his recent promotion -TO- Sith Battlemaster.  Myself, CON Keiran, and PCON Tron all agreed that he deserved this promotion, due to Ronin's extremely good, and frankly, startling performance in these Sith Wars.  I'm glad to see Alvaak picking it up :)  

New Gaming Night

DJK Demosthenes of House Caliburnus has started a new multiplayer competition, which will be starting this Sunday.  Below are the details:  

VERY similar to Outer Rim Wars but will involve the Clans against each other. Offensive Strike Training is what it's to be called. The point of this competition is each week the clans will be battling for a planet by using XWA XvT jk and Jk2. Each melee win counts as a point. The clan with the most points at the end of the competition takes that system. We'll have a map set up and try and post stats and what not. Melee Winners Earn CF's.  

[DC Note: These systems are fictitious, it's kinda like a wargame, sorry, but no can do on real systems just yet.]


Sundays in #CSP

11:30 - 3:30 EST

XvT XWA JK JK2 Are Played


Like I said, I'm on leave all weekend. Cya on monday folks!  

"Fly fast and shoot straight"

Sith High Warrior, Warlord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

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