Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report

1) As you can now see, the Dark Brotherhood has a new look. The winning design is now the default for the website. Remember that you can select the other two from the Layout Options on the menu (including the previous design).

2) As most of the members of the Dark Brotherhood know by now, Obelisk Warlord Sharad Hett was recently sent to the High Court of the Inquisitors for some IRC infractions. The HCI found him guilty and ordered him to be demoted by one rank and he cannot have Ops for a period of 2 months. In addition, he is on probation for a period of 6 months following the end of the Ops ban.

This is especially bad considering that Sharad is a Dark Council member and he should have known better. He had been recommended for a reward for his work as Obelisk High Commander at about the same time as the trial and this reward is now lost.

Do not forget that the HCI and the Security Officer are always watching and will not hesitate to prosecute anyone to the fullest extent of the Emperor's Hammer laws.

3) It is with great regret that I am forced to remove Krath Epis Alex from the position of Consul of Clan Naga Sadow. He was absent for a long time and despite repeated promises, he is still not back to active duty. I realize that sometimes life doesn't allow time for the duties of the Dark Brotherhood, but considering the shape that Clan Naga Sadow is in I cannot afford to be patient.

This should be a message to the leaders of the Dark Brotherhood. If you cannot do your duties, you will have to be removed for the good of the Clan. It is something that I hate to do, but I will do it when necessary.

Astatine and I will be accepting applications for the position of Consul of Clan Naga Sadow. I am not going to tell you what to put in the application because the applicants should know what to expect from such a position and from the shape the Clan is in. People who are not willing to put in a massive amount of work and an impressive amount of effort should stay clear of this one.

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