Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Dark Infantry Elite Report #5, by OW Shadow


Yay! We got some activity from the weekly comp. Pred's Clan-Wide comp is up and running, and the Tally's (a Taldryan form of emmy's? I think) will be starting soon.


1) AED JK1/JK2 Ladder - as posted from the last few weeks :P

The rules for the ladder will change from month to month as I work out which will be the best format to use. For now everyone will start of with 20 points. Matches can only be 1 on 1. The winner will take a point from the loser. If you get as low as 0 you are out of the ladder until it starts over next month. The member withthe most points on the 31st wins. You can play as many games as you like. The only limitation I have is that you can not play the same person twice in a row. You can play either JK 1 or 2 and any battle ground or force level is OK. Just make sure you decide before playing. Once a match is over the winner needs to email me with the result and CC his opponent on the email too (If you forget to CC the opponent I will actually void the match and no point will be awarded).

Now here's where the strategy comes into place as if you play someone in the week who has already been reduced to 0 points since the last report and you win, you wont actually be given a point as the loser has none to give away. If you lose to this person, you will not lose a point as he is already out of the comp. Awards are still to be decided, I'll let you know about them next week.

2) Multi-Player Comp - as posted from last week.

All you have to do is play five (5) Jedi Knight, or Jedi Outcast MP matches against five (5) different people in the DB (and win) and you get awarded a Crescent, Sapphire Star (Cr-1S). At the end of every week I'll delete all the screenshots I've recieved and we'll start fresh for the next week. Since I'm starting this now, it'll be from Saturday to Saturday. Reporting: Send your screenshot matches to me, [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with the subject: DIE Competition. Good Luck.

3) Obelisk Tourney's - As posted from every week. =)

Remember to come out every Saturday afternoon for the Obelisk Tourney's. Join #obelisk at 3pm EST and be ready for some JK2 or JK1. Winners of matches get CF's, if a tourney is one, you get a shiny crescent =)

4) Brotherhood of En-Chi

I want all you guys to check out Pred's comp. It looks like it'll be a good medal getter with lots of activity. I already have my team formed, I suggest you guys start joining teams. Check the Tal MB http://www.ehnet.org/mb/viewforum.php?f=15 for teams, and check http://www26.brinkster.com/glendon1/MAD/Intro.htm for the comp deals. As far as I can tell its set as an old RPG game for SNES. You got a group of adventurers, you got set equipment that you can find and steal, and you get your DB stuff as well.


No promotions this week.

One medal this week, NOV Bolan Remon recieved a Crescent w/ Sapphire Star for playing 4 JK1 matches this week. (thats amazing seeing as no one plays JK1 anymore, hard to find matches :P) good work Bolan.


sniff no joins this week. Guess we'll have to go recruit. When you're out playing JK2 on the servers add [DB] or [DB-GMRG] before your nick. Also copy the DB url and paste it in game. (yes that works) and we'll get a bunch of new recruits.

No parts.

Upcoming Events:

1) QUA SwipeR is still creating Dinaari's Brigade Wars. Don't have all the details yet but expect that in the near future.

2) The Tally's will be coming soon.

Brotherhood News:

You can check www.darkjedibrotherhood.org for any non-Obby news.

New features have been added to the Obelisk site, check out http://www.hephaestusdesigns.com/obelisk/news.php

New GMRG site is up. Ziggy needs to add some stuff to it still but its there. Check it at http://www.hephaestusdesigns.com/gmrg/news.php

HRLD Kaine is starting a JK2 project. If you can edit skins, make graphics, or build levels email him at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] to join his team.

Final Thoughts:

Join a Brotherhood of En-Chi team so my team can kick som butt =P

OW Shadow (Obelisk)/P:CoG-P:OHC-SGT/Dinaari of Taldryan

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