Consul Report


Consul Report

Dark dudes and dudettes!

Look at this! A report from the Consul on time for a change! Yay for weekends off! We seem to be getting some competitions off the ground that everyone can take part in, and I had an idea for a graphics competition which will now have to wait until next month due to a very similar one which is about to be announced in all Clans.

For anyone that has an email address they are playing up a little. I can receive emails through my account, but I can't appear to be able to send them. D'oh! If anyone is having similar or other problems with their email addresses then please look at the information at (with it's spanking new site design as well).

Results to the "Prelude to Andevia" competition have been released. They can be found at , and after having a quick look I saw that only one person from CSP ranked anywhere. Daniel Stephens came second in the music trivia section. Was that like? "I'll name that Star Wars related tune in one!"

You can now choose between three different layouts to the DB site. I have chosen the new standard layout which I think looks loads cooler and darker than the last kung-fu bloke. Yay! Does that mean I have to apologise to Sharad for not picking his?

And I'll leave it there... I was out quite late last night and need to get some more sleep... I'll send another mail later on explaining about forthcoming competitions, that are all kinda related.

Cuchulain slowly gets to his feet and staggers off to wards his chambers to try and sleep off his hangover...

That is all...

KE Cuchulain (Krath)/P:KHP-CON/Clan Scholae Palatinae


"We must use our powers to extinguish the light..."

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