Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Quite a few rank elevations this week. Congrats to PRT Kane Reese, JH Dengar March, and ACO Hawk. Also a good thing to see that each of our houses has a more powerful member. To all other members, work hard and make sure that your leaders can see what you are doing - soon you could be next.

A few nice shiny awards also went out. Congrats to all who received them (you know who you are). Listens to happy members jingle the awards There will soon be an opportunity within the clan to earn some shiny stuff. Cooch is planning a banner competition. So be sure to keep your ears open for details on that. Also Dae is planning something that could also be clan wide. I am waiting on details from him, but once it is a little more sorted out I will try to host the competition along with him.

I am impressed with the amount of Obelisk activity I have seen on mIRC (good place for me to notice you guys... I'm on there too much for my own good). Keep it up. My one order to Dorimad Sol is to have you guys shut Mike Halcyon up :P Someone go kick his arse in JK2! I would also like to see some house competitions get running again. Especially you Krathies, don't make Cooch and I give you pointers ;)

Keep sharp!

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