Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


Greetings Siths...

Firstly I'dlike to apoligize for the delay in my report, but due to certain

'circumstances' of the RL I was unable to write it earlier (and I must say

that those 'circumstances' has very beautiful eyes ;P)

There are few uncertain things about our roster but the matter should be

sorted out in a matter of days.

So let us start :)


  • our QUA has resigned :((( very sad thing ...

  • The Sith Wars are over now only thing to do is to wait for the results

  • MD has started new Tridens run-on on TridensMB, take part in it ! That is



  • AED competition #1 running ! submit Call Signs, Fighter Names, Personal

crests (different from the one in the DB profile).to AED Torres ASAP!

-AED competition #2 running as well!

write up a description of the PLT Aegis, a Class 6 Battle-Platform.

A reasonable length of word, I'll trust you enough to know 10,000 words is

slightly over the top :P Any submissions MUST have the following described

in it:

The Hangers for Sub-Zero, HammerHead and Stingray BattleTeams; The AED's

quarters; The BattleROM section, also known as Operations; Lack of any of

these WILL result in a rejection.

  • AED competiotion #3 is up as well!

Third comp is a battleplan, similar to the one we had for the Sith Wars.

Mission Briefing.

Permission to build an orbital platform for the Sith House has been given

and a convoy of twenty freighters carrying the material is near House

Triden's location for it's platform.

A group of ships from another Sith House has arrived to delay construction.

Your goal is:

a) As House Tridens, to stop the attack and ensure the freighters can reach



b) As the attacking force, disable the convoy while ensuring the bulk of

your force escapes safely.

House Tridens Forces:

5 FRT-class Freighters.

3 CARG-class Freighters.

1 TUG-class ship.

12 TIE Defenders.

1 Escort Shuttle.

Attacking House Forces:

6 Assault Gunboats.

12 TIE Advanced.

1 UNKNOWN-class Corvette.

Scores will be judged on the reality of the plans and the originality. The

area is open space. Format is up to you as is any graphics.

  • Sub Zero Ace competition starts today ! details later today :-)


CMDR/JH Vortoq

  • doing command stuff

  • MB activity

  • email activity

  • submitted TIE and XWA battles for Sith Wars

  • wrote for run-on

FM/ACO VinDoros

  • email conntact

  • MB activity

FM/JH Murkrow Defender

  • joined the SZ

  • MB activity

  • email activity

  • started RUN-ON

  • submitted stuff for AED comp


  • email activity

  • wrote weekl;y flight report (GREAT ! :P)

FM/PRT Vonnegut

  • MB Activity

  • email Activity

FM/GRD Ace Hobbes

  • joined SZ

  • email activity

  • working on SZ homepage

FL/JH SickMan

  • status: unknown :(

FM/PRT Thorn

  • email conntact

    • flown XvTDB2,3,5 - one more and you will qualify for GRD :-)

FM/GRD Jason Hunter

  • no conntact - report in


  • RECRUIT !!!

  • FLY !!!

  • participate in ane competition possible !

  • use MB and Egroup


I'd like to ask you that you CC me ANY form of activity you are doing eg

submitting sth for comps, flying battles, MB activity etc etc...I'll help me

writing those reports and include ALL of your activities :-)

Thank you for your attention :-)

JH Vortoq


JH Vortoq (Sith)/CMDR/Tridens of Tarentum


CMDR/CM Vortoq/Aleth/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign



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