Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Dark Greetings members of the Battleteam Battalion of Fear,

This is your SGT speaking. I have another report for you.


Our roster currently stands at 5 members.First the bad news: PRT Zekk has left us and and has joined the ranks of our other Battleteam Armoured Fist. I wish him fun and success there. But now the good news: Glorfindel was recently promoted to GRD. Also myself got a promotion and is now a very proud DJK :P.And there are more changes: It is not official yet, but Ziguarath in his endless wisdom has decided, that I, Gelton Torr, shall become his new AED. In the case, I will be accepted as AED, my SGT position is vacant. Ziguarath and I agreed upon GRD Glorfindel to be the best choice for being my sucessor. If all goes as planned this will be my last report as your SGT and next week GRD Glorfindel will be sending his first report to you. Congrats to Glorfindel!


On saturday there will be a JKII Tourney again. This time 2 vs 2 no force sabers. I think it will start at 3PM EST like the last one. Meeting is at #obelisk.

Execpt from this comps there are always the weekly comps, I described already in an earlier report.


on Tuesday we had a nearly Cestus wide JKII session. We played several matches and I got some lessons in JKII by Talon Zetar :P

Minding the fact, that I don´t know for how long I will be still your SGT, I don´t schedule a training here and will leave it up to Glorfindel to announce new trainings, when he will have taken over.


At this point I want to place a personal note: If I become really AED in the upcoming days, I just want to say I enjoyed my time as your Sergeant, although it was a little bit shorter than I expected. I´m now perpared to move on, but I´m abosultely confident about GRD Glorfindel. He will do a very fine job for sure.

That´s all members. This was probably my last report for you. Keep on the good work. Channel closed...

                                                                               DJK Gelton Torr  

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