Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Hello Everyone

I'm your new Rollmaster Guardian Ryo or ask someone you use to know me as Hawk. Few Things have happend in this past week.


Ramos Left CSP to go to another Clan.

Obsidian has been doing good , seen him on and off IRC.

Haven't Seen Max on IRC ever since I joined CSP almost 3-4 weeks ago.

Cooch keep up the good activity on CSP

Aidan Pryde haven't seen him/her since I joined CSP also

Daniel Stephans same way, hasn't responded to my emails or anything I hope to meet him so day.

Ryell Zoith Haven't seen him either

Crusader seen him almost everyday

Mike- My Master who is teaching me alot in the Jedi Arts is doing good.

Ranks/ Medals

I was Awared 2 CFs for my Activity in 2 different Tournys and got to the rank of Guardian (Long Story) if you want to hear about it.

No other Medals or Ranks Award this week.

Other News

I hope everyone can make the JK 2 Tourney this Saturday it's NF Sabre 2 vs 2. Hope everyone can make it.

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