It was an odd way to do things...but given the circumstances...

The Tetrarch's...

' name='description'> Krath Tetrarch Report - Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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<table class="table" border="1" bordercolor="#881CA0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="96%"> <tr> <td colspan="2"> <p class="report">**Title: Ebon Cloak Phyle Report, 30 May 2002

Type: Tetrach Report

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2002

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 <p class="report">It was an odd way to do things...but given the circumstances...</p>

 <p class="report">The Tetrarch's image wavered before them, a holorecording that seemed to suffer from bad equipment...or perhaps the Tetrarch was just looking a little frazzled.</p>

 <p class="report">His voice could be barely made out as his hands worked at unseen controls outside of the image. "--aduation ceremonies," he muttered, apparently unaware of the active recorder, "I know I was a Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, but I certainly didn't take the job for the chance to be a keynote four systems in seven days..." He looked up at the recorder suddenly, his eyes momentarily betraying surprise at his oversight before settling into their measured composure.</p>

 <p class="report">"Greetings, my Tyros. I regret not leaving word at the House that I would be away, as I myself thought that I would be present this week and in the last week. As you can see, some communication foul-ups have caused me to be caught away for a period of time, though I suspect that I'll be in-system within the next forty-eight hours."</p>

 <p class="report">He sighed inaudibly. "I have managed to get into communication with the Quaestor and Aedile, as well as our Consul and Proconsul, despite my sudden departure, and I am confident that you will enjoy what we are cooking up."</p>

 <p class="report">He tapped quickly at a keyboard, causing a few displays to open up around his image. "I'm transmitting your orders for the"</p>

 <p align="center">![-=-=-=- (Bar)](</p>

 <p class="report">EC Phyle Orders for the Week beginning 30 May 2002</p>

 <p class="report">All Tyros are requested to seek out a Master if you do not have one at this time. If you need any assistance, e-mail J'Lek and he'll get you in contact with people that can help out.</p>

 <p class="report">All things going to schedule, there will be a special phyle run-on started as soon as J'Lek returns to the Phare system from his unexpected whirlwind speaking tour. Special Instructions will be distributed at that time.</p>

 <p class="report">All Tyros are encouraged at their option to complete any course of their choice at the Shadow Academy and e-mail completion of such to the Tetrarch.</p>

 <p class="report">Please be sure that your Skills Profile is up to date. The Tetrarch will be using these to plan future events.</p>

 <p class="report">All Tyros are to consider their history in preparation for a future assignment.</p>

 <p class="report">End Transmission, EC Phyle Orders 20020530</p>

 <p align="center">![-=-=-=- (Bar)](</p>

 <p class="report">The Dark Adept nodded as the other displays closed. "Right. One last thing. My student, Novice Tirna Q'jira, has been sent instructions to handle anything that should come up in the next 48 hours. If you have anything pressing that needs to be dealt with before Sunday, contact her, and she'll either pass things onto me or take care of it herself."</p>

 <p class="report">He turned to one side, looking at someone outside of the image. "Not now! I'm trying to take care of something!" A thud, not unlike the sound of someone instantly meeting their death and falling to the floor, could be barely made out through the rather poor audio transmission. "I swear...these distractions...I'm not ever speaking here again," J'Lek muttered.</p>

 <p class="report">He turned back to the recorder. "Alright... You have your orders. Arcanos out."</p>

 <p class="report">With that, the transmission faded.</p>

 <p class="report">DA [J'Lek Arcanos]( (Krath)/Tetrarch/[House Acclivis Draco]( of [Clan Scholae Palatinae](</p>

</td> </tr> </table>

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