Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

<head><title>Dragon Guard Report #16</title></head>

Dragon Guard Report #16, May 30th 2002

Consider this my Squirrel Edition Report...


  • The Banner Competition that I emailed you all about is a great way to earn some credit! Participate now!

  • We need some more/new Tyros! If you know anyone in HAD that would be interest go ahead and ask them:)

  • Squirrels are fun to feed corn to... Be careful, they do bite!

  • HAD T-Shirts are still available as far as I know! For information go AA<A href= ">here.

  • ACO Caligatio is talking about possibly getting a 15% price cut on lightsabers from If you are interested then read the messages in your inbox:P

  • The MSC2(Master-Student Competition #2) is still going on! Good luck to all you who are participating.

  • I want to see more people on IRC( in the Channels #CSP and #HAD .

New Members

No new people.

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Dengar's IRC Art

Hey, anyone have art that they want to show can email it to me and I will put it in here:)

This is a squirrel I made especially for my master, KAP Saitou:) Hope ya like it.

Remember to check out the DG site at

 Dengar March <font size="5">

JH Dengar March (Krath)/TET/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae



   [Student of Saitou]


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