Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Caliburnus Quaestor Report

This week has been a great week for house caliburnus we have been reconized largley through your efforts and we fininshed 2nd house of sith

This is no mean feat and i would like to thank all those who put the effort in.GREAT Work

The Final posistions look kinda like this

House Archanis

Tot: 125.5

House Caliburnus

Tot: 102

House Ronin

Tot: 79

On the battle team front commanders demos nightstalkers came in second and nightshade come in fifth

This is magnificent 2 teams in top 5 great work people

House news

Well the house membership went up another 3 this week to 26 which is good news

PRT Reese was selected as the rollmaster of the house and guardain Dolza is the new nightshade commander

So things are getting better all the time

AED Dae is still working on the houses new web site and i am still working on the new training site

Of course this brings me to me next thing if you have any ideas for a house course or you are one of the houses many DJKs then perhaps you

Would like to volunteer to partake in the new master student programe if so please contact myself or Dae


DOLZA to nightshade commander

Reese to Rollmaster

NOV Yun to ACO Yun

Joins / Leaves


DJK Gidda


ACO Starpred


Well sith war is over

so i think we will have a little flying comp

The winner will get a dark cross and the battle team with highest particants will be Caliburnus Team of the month

So the pilot files will be sent to me and the rollmaster who will keep all the scores and a list of the particants

The results will be anounced on the 20 of june

XWA Free mission 2

XVT Free mission 44

To your ships pilots lets rack up some high scores

Final thoughts of the Quaestor

Well i dont see how this week could get any better to be honest

Lets keep advancing and get better 2nd house of sith is a milestone for us

Lets make it first next time

More people we need more people to get your friends and you pets to join HC today


QUA Darkmage

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