Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

  1. Work is now well underway with the redesign of the Shadow Academy site. My thanks go out to DA Mejas Doto for providing me with one of the graphics that I've been craving for some time now, which will be a central theme to the SA site. Also, I'd like to thank my Magistrates for the new layout design and the work they are putting into converting the site.

<p>2. The Phase 2 webpage on the current site has been redesigned slightly. Firstly, downloads are now only available for Obelisk and Sith SP. MP and Krath instructions are located exclusively on the web. Also, the submission guidelines have been updated slightly. It is now required to include both your name and DB PIN whenever Phase 2 projects to the SA.

<p>3. I've also tried to make it excessively clear with the new Phase 2 webpages that failure to follow the specified directions will result in an immediate non-passing grade. The exam is not only about completing a specific task, but also about following a specific set of instructions. All future Phase 2 submissions that do not meet with the specified guidelines will be immediately failed.

<p>4. If anyone has the old sith.zip file (containing the zip files for the 3 SP platforms) for Phase 2, please get in contact with me either via email or IRC. I no longer have the file, but need to verify something as quickly as possible.

<p>That's about it for this week. I hope to begin running a small comp or two in the coming weeks, and hope that there will be a good level of participation.

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<tr><td></td><td>Krath Pontifex Arion Sunrider
Headmaster of the Dark Brotherhood</td></tr></p></p></p></p></p>

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