Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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The Dark Lich, second last boss from the video game Secret of Mana.

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<li>News -

<font color="#66FFFF"><li>Fear of the Void Below continues! Visit http://www25.brinkster.com/darkforge/arcona for details.</li></font> </li></td><td>

<li>Joins, Quits, Promotions & Awards

<font color="#66FFFF"><li>This week saw some amazing things happen. First off, congratulations to Guardian Redneck for his promotion to Battle Team leader. <li>A few joins this week, upping our roster to 14. New members (if my memory works :P) are Rogue and Sterling. Welcome to you both! <li>Awards... oh, the awards... :P

  • DC and 2 CF's to GRD Redneck

  • 7 CF's to OW Mage, bringing him to a total of 10 (in less than 2 weeks! grin)

  • Also, look out for awards starting next week... I'm going to begin doling out goodies based on what I've seen over the past month, and there's some good stuff in the works for some of you... ;)

<li>Activity -

The following members are considered active based on my notes - obviously, to be active you have to be submitting things to the Clan Comp (that I know about :P) or playing JK/JK2. :P - Tuojas D'Eraii (email) - Drakal Morth (email, IRC, JK?) - Mage (mucho. :P) - Redneck (email, IRC, JK2, clan comp, and so on.) - Caesar Stormrider (I'm sure you did something, but I don't remember what...) - Ace003 (email, IRC, JK2?) - Rogue (email, JK2)

  • If you're name isn't there, **BAD**. :P

<font color="#66FFFF">This report subject to change based on people telling me I missed something... :P</font> </li></li></li></li></font></li></td></tr></table>

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