Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Dammit, sorry this is late people... I just recently got hired bouncing in a local bar... that kills my regular 3am drunken report tradition, because instead of being drunken and energetic, I can't bare the site of alcohol (oh woe is me) and I am usually dead tired. The fact that the World Cup has started, doesn't help matters either. Anyways, sorry again it's late... I'll try to do better next week.

1) The main news, is of course, the conclusion of the Sith Wars. With a valiant effort to come back from behind, House Archanis has successfully defended its title of First House of the Sith. Following closely behind, after a strong presence in both the Multiplayer, and Single Player events, was House Caliburnus, who has since been named Second House of the Sith. Last but not least, the biggest suprise of the competition, was House Ronin. With a determination as fierce as any I've ever seen, they battled long and hard, being one of the most consistently active Houses, and as such, secured their new title, Third House of the Sith.

In recognition of excellency by a Battleteam, a brand new Starfighter has been approved by the Dark Council.. As yet unnamed, this new Starfighter is being produced solely for Hyperion Flight of House Archanis, due to a superb showing in the Single Player event, and coming from out of nowhere to defeat Nightstalker Squadron of House Caliburnus. Nightstalker, aswell as Harbinger Squadron of House Ronin will be receiving awards concerning the future creation of a new Starfighter of their own. More details to come.

2) My online time recently has been limited to my pathetic attempts at networking my old computer with my new, to transfer files. I've gotten most of my essential stuff transferred, which I suppose is the most important, but I haven't been able to get the stupid old bugger to transfer my MP3s and such... Now that I've given up, my online time should be up slightly.

3) On to why my online time is not going to be up to its normal levels immediately... it's quite simple, the evil Ontarian institution we call OAC has kept me in highschool for one year longer. This evil institution is also the only thing that will let me qualify for a University education (its different than a College one, in Canada :P). As such, we are now entering the final stages in my school year, and I'm getting swamped with final projects and exam review. Right now I'm actually devoting a lot of time to school... and while I have my doubts it'll last more than a week... it's possible, however unlikely, that they may find a weakness... err, I mean I might actually stay devoted to school for a lil while.

4) I am currently starting work with one of the QUAs in the DB (who will remain unnamed unless they wanna say :P) concerning a Sith Order competition. If anyone out there needs help organizing competitions within their House or Clan, just drop me a line, I'll try to help out as much as I can.

5) Just a final congrats to our three victorious Houses: Archanis, Caliburnus, and Ronin. As well as our victorious battleteams: Hyperion Flight, Nightstalker Squadron, and Harbinger Squadron. Well done all!

6) Congrats to Keldorn on CON... heh heh... sucker... he gets to do more work now ;)

7) Okay, I'll shut up now.

8) No, really!

"Fly fast and shoot straight"

Sith High Warrior, Warlord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

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