Deputy Grand Master Report


Deputy Grand Master Report

  1. As the Grand Master pointed out, we're getting a lot of new recruits. This is a prime opportunity for clans or houses looking for new blood to impress. The best way to do this is to have a good online presence, which includes a well maintained website and an active message board. If your clan or house website is not up to standard, now would be a good time to do so.

  2. I've started drafting the outline for the next vendetta and things seem to be going well.

  3. I need designers for the next vendetta. If you are skilled in making battles for TIE Fighter, XvT, X-Wing Alliance and/or levels for Jedi Knight and Jedi Outcast, email me. If you're interested, list what platform or platforms you'd like to help with, and if possible, supporting evidence of your ability. You'll probably have to work to a very tight, very rigorous schedule, so keep that in mind.

  4. A reminder that the DSC has been updated and it's been updated a lot. You can check out what, exactly, has been updated in the "Recent Updates" part of the DSC. It's recommended that all members read it and get familar with these new changes.

  5. Congratulations to Keldorn on his appointment to Consul.

XO/SA Astatine/CS-2/SSSD Sovereign


DJP Astatine (Krath)/DGM/Dark Council


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