Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Edition #015 - June 01st, 2002


Today I sit on my comfy chair (thanks again, goatboy... :p) with a very disappointed manner. Despite all effords from me and the CMDRs boys, we couldn't even hold our position on the Sith Wars. Yep, we're smacked down even by Ronin... Which makes me think: The members that participated together wouldn't fill a single squad, why do we need three of them?

I have already received a letter of decomission from one of our squadrons, besides the Emerald, that's already a dead squad. While the final decisions are taken, you can try to explain yourself and probably save your situation.

I got reports on time from Diamond and Sapphire as usual.

We finally have a new CNS Consul. Give your congrats to CON Keldorn.

Also, I'm still receiving applications for AED, the position will be decided until next report, after I speak with Goatboy and Yacks.

<li>Squad-AWOL check</li> This is not a regular AWOL check as you might think. The idea is to everyone send me, and cc your CMDR if you please, with your desire to remain on your current squadron. Anyone failing to do so until next week may say goodbye to his squad position and take a seat on the UHG. Remembering everyone that the next DB-wide comps are only allowed to people on battleteams...


Maybe I should change the title of this section to "Lack of Activity", then I'll have what to write here...

<li>Participation points listing</li>

If you have any idea of the points you have earnt throughout your carreer, please send me a line so I can fix the mess...

Also, the points table is back on Quaestor's Office, Room 1501 of the Kressh Fortress


There are still a lot of things to do:

Monthly Flying comp: Final May results

1st: Carl Lost: 49

2nd: Abel Malik: 37

3rd: Dujhod: 20

Medals will be given later, when I sort out what I do with the DC people.

Monthly Melee comp: Nothing to award.

<li>On the Works</li>

Communication is critically down on HLK, so I reinforce here the use of the message board.(To the Message Board)

In order to have access to the Message Board you'll have to finish registering your profile on the Kressh Fortress. Explaining in a simple way, I need everyone that still didn't go there to please enter here and fill your profile. I know the site seems weird at first view, but you'll soon find some logic in it. To have an overview of the Fortress, click on the Base Directory on the lower part of the screen. If you are GRD or under, you should be on some room on Level 8. If you're JH or DJK, try Level 11. SW+ are on Levels 13, 14 and 15 on the VIP rooms. If you are really hopeless and could not find your quarters after that, try the Rollmaster's Office (Level 13 - room 1301). There's a roster with the room assignment for everybody on the crew. Just click the number of the room beside your name. To those who have never entered the profile information, the temporary password is "12341234". Yep, that easy, that stupid... So remember to change it when entering your info.
Another thing, if you feel like to idle the Fortress and find an empty spot you think you can fill with something, be it a informative text or even a good set of pictures or anything else, please send me your proposal. It's a really imense work to fill all the places on this magestic construction, so I'll need all help I can. Medals on mailbox if you do something really interesting...

<li>Awards, Promos and stuff</li>

New CON: Elmister Keldorn

<li>The Squads</li>

Diamond: The squad didn't even show up at the results on Sith Wars, despite the attempt from DujHod, who forgot to mention his own squadron. From the rest of the people, not even shadows.

Sapphire: Janos gives one week for everyone on sapphire who didn't participate on Sith Wars to explain themselves or suffer expulsion from the position.

Emerald: CMDR position vacant, no reports. All questions and submissions are to be sent to me directly.

<li>Closing Notes</li>

I hope you all do better on this week, for yours DB careers' sake...

Also, I still want to hear from ya. If you have any issue, any kind of trouble, a question or simply want to send me to someplace weird, don't hesitate and click [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and say it. I can be sure you'll be heard (or read in this case) and maybe you can do a great favor to you and to me.

Well, enough babbling.

SBM Scithe (Sith)/QUA/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow,


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