Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Greetings CSPers (especially our new members),

If you have just transfered into or just joined our clan, I extend my welcome to you. If you are older, then I just crack the whip and tell you to get to work :P

For this month I hope that we can get a few clan competitions running. So far I have had a request for a clan run-on that all orders can participate in. A "history" run on. So you would go and write about how you got something special like your lightsaber or your armor or whatever. If this sounds like a good idea, please email me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and say "Yo Saitou! I want a clan run-on!" Also in the area of competition... I have heard a few HADlers ask for shirts. I am currently out. If you want the first shirt, I can still get more made. However, I think it may be nicer to get a clan shirt made up that integrates all three of our houses and clan identity. This will allow more people to work on and get one, but I'll deal with specific house comps too (remember its best if ten are ordered). More details to come...

And do mail me if interested in designing/buying a clan shirt :P

Now on to the training program. Cooch has put me in charge of this on the clan level, but work will need to be done mostly on the house and lower levels. I am still trying to figure out his unfinished website (sorry I'm slow, I'll probably make a new one), but I would like to see all three houses make up a plan for themselves. Our Sith house is impressing me with what they've put together already! Our Krath have an entire phyle dedicated to training, that may be an idea. Also I am about to publish online the clan guidelines to Master/Student pairings (with help from Cooch and Mike) so be ready to see and follow those rules. Do not worry, they are loose but just have rough areas to stay in. (Masters are DJK+, Students are JH- sort of thing).

Remember my office is always open. If you have any question, I will be ready to help you (or send you to a better person if need be). Also look for me on mIRC in our clan channel #csp. Keep sharp and keep writing/flying/sabering. We will become the #1 clan soon!

PCON Saitou

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