Herald Report


Herald Report

  1. Project Epiderm is actually moving along. I have received a few notes from people interested in helping out. See the HRLD site for details. (Look me up in the DC on DJB.ORG)

  2. I still need JK2 level editors and concept people. Contact me with your interest today.

  3. I haven't tabulated the lightsaber to eligible people lately, but I'm sure it's not much better than before. At last count there were 82 people who were DJK or above without lightsabers. You know who you are. Log in and get it NOW!

  4. Your Dossier is a great place to tell everyone about yourself. Expand on who you are... Please take the time to fill out a History, display some Skills, and what games you own - It makes you more than just a number in the roster.

DJM Kaine Mandaala
Herald of the Dark Brotherhood
"Fear Will Keep Order"

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