Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

SHW Report for the Week Ending June 07, 2002.

Sorry for not being here like... at all, this week.  I had the unfortunate experience of having one of my classmates pass away early Sunday morning, and due to some problems with identification, the funeral was held off until earlier today.  So obviously I have a good excuse for not being here all that much.  

None the less, in the time I've had away from the regular grind of the school process, I have started to get the ball rolling a little bit again, and have been answering some of the emails that have been piling up on me, etc.  With Shar being on leave, I've had to take over the task of awarding JK2 Clusters of Fire... and while I'm happy that you Obbies and stuff are active... DO IT WHEN SHARS HERE :P  Those medals have all been awarded now, so I'm caught up in that respect... onto some listed news now.  

1) SITH ORDER STUDIES: Forgotten about them? Well, thankfully, I have not. I think we may have lost SW Tiger in the aspects of the Starfighter Maintenance Course, but I'll try to confirm that sometime this weekend. DJK Hawk Falcone of Archanis is still working on the Single Player tactics course, as is SWL Nightflyer on the Sith History/Core Studies course. Right guys? pokes them with a cattle-prod

2) Possible monthly competitions incoming: In viewing Miss Mairin's and Mr. Shars lil weekly/monthly competitions for the other two orders, I've come to thinking that we as the Sith can't be left out of this little shindig. Now what I want from you peeps out there, is to let me know what sort of thing you'd like to see. I can probably accomodate MP and SP into this, and do something like what Shar has for a single elimination MP bracket for each platform in a weekly tourny, and then a SP Mission monthly. Just email your QUAs and let them know your preferences. QUAs, when you have a good idea of what your House wants, Email me.

3) Looking forward to doing some work on new competitions and getting back to work on some webpages now that my computer is up and running again. Yay.

Thats it for me this week guys.

"Fly fast and shoot straight"

Sith High Warrior, Warlord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

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