Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


Greetings Siths.

Firstlu I'd like to apologise for the lack of last weeks report. I had a

real hard time with my exams...

This report covers activities for the last two weeks.

Here goes...


  • We have new QUA Torres

  • We have a new AED John Clark

  • The Sith Wars results are relesed

  • There is a RUN-ON on tridens MB !!! participate in it !!!!


  • AED comps are over and medals have been awarded

    • Sub Zero Ace competition is running till today midnight !

    fly TIEF# 202 XvTF# 87 XWAF# 66 and submit them to me

    Unless I'm mistaking but I've receive only 3 entries from :

    VinDoros, Jason Hunter and Ace Hobbes.

    There are 2 possibilities :

1. I lost the rest  

2. those are the only ones...  

so .. if anyone except mentioned above has sent me sth for the Ace  

please resent it to me...I expect ALL SZ members to provide at least 1

battle !!!!! Remember your Oaths ?


CMDR/JH Vortoq

  • doing command stuff

  • MB activity

  • email activity

  • wrote for run-on

  • organised Ace comp

  • organising battleteam vs battleteam comp

FM/ACO VinDoros

  • email conntact

  • MB activity

  • wrote for run-on

  • flown TIE DB2,3,4,5,6,7,8

  • Crescent with Ruby star warded for Sith Wars

  • Crescent w/ Sapphire Star awarded for 1st place in AED comps

  • fown TIE,XWA for Ace comp

Great job ACO !!!

FL/JH Murkrow Defender

  • MB activity

  • email activity

  • wrote for run-on

  • awarded Crescent w/ Amethyst Star for triens run-on

  • Crescent w/ Emerald Star (E) for 2nd place in AED comps

  • did not submit flight report :(

  • did not submit SZ Ace pilots :(


  • no conntact :(

FM/PRT Vonnegut

  • reported in

  • did not submit SZ Ace comp pilots :(

FM/GRD Ace Hobbes

  • email activity

  • working on SZ homepage

  • flown TIEDB 4,5,6,7,8,9,10

    • Crescent w/ Topaz Star for 3rd place in AED comps
    • Submitted TIE,XWA SZ Ace comp


FM/PRT Thorn

  • no contact :(

FM/GRD Jason Hunter

  • reported in

  • flown XvT,XWA for Ace comp


  • RECRUIT !!!

  • FLY !!!

  • participate in any competition possible !

  • use MB and Egroup


I'd like you to find your Oath of activity in your archiwves and read it.

Done ? the things you wrote in there are still active !!!

I want to see ALL of you participate in competitions !

I might pospone deadline of the Ace comp for a few days but I'm deeply

dissapointed by your overall performance... I'm setting up a battleteam vs

battle team comp .(details on SZ MB) if the performance in this comp will be

as low as it is now then we will surely loose it :(((

JH Vortoq


JH Vortoq (Sith)/CMDR/Tridens of Tarentum


CMDR/CM Vortoq/Aleth/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign



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