Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

As you look up to see the PCON's weekly rant, you see

something very red and submerged. You stare a little

and then realize it is Saitou - burned and floating in

bacta with a small transmitter)

Yo dudes. I got a real bad sunburn so anyone who

sends off good cool baths with hot chick to the PCON's

office will be rewarded swiftly :P But now onto


I first extend my welcome to all the new members who

have joined last week. I hope you enjoy your time

here and remember that all your summit (clan guys

Saitou and Cooch included) are here to help you have

fun. If you have anything at all to suggest, rant

about, or just chat about... then email us and tell us

what is up. So a quick hello to Yun (who changed his

name already :P), Sabrebolt, Citan Uzuki, Gidda,

Aidian Pryde, Falcon, Matis Gazdz! (Phew lots of

people this week) :)

On a similar note, we have had a few people leave the

clan. Many for good reasons, but sometimes we get

something a little hurtful. If you are going to leave

and just say we do nothing, first make sure you are

right about that. Also if there is a specific

problem, come to the summit (house or clan) to tell us

what is wrong so we can fix it.

Enough of that :P Onto competitions. Cooch and I are

going to try to get all clan level competitions onto

the clan site as soon as they are approved (not just

talked about). There is a really cool one in the

works so be on the lookout as it will be something

very new. Also I am going to attempt another T-shirt

competition. It is for the entire clan and everyone

is encouraged to help out. Buyings shirts will cost

money, but making graphics for the competition doesnt

:P Besides winners get medals and (maybe if things go

cool) the first place winner will get a free shirt.

(Shut up now Saitou, krath you talk too much) That is

all, but remember to talk with us if any problems

arise. See you on mIRC or email.

PCON Saitou

squirrel master of CSP; krazy krathie

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