Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report


"It was scary" Minister Fred continued, "Valin did al these nasty things to me with leather and whips, and hot wax, I couldnt fight back or anything because I was bounded to a wall"

"I see" CrimsonAngel said

CrimsonAngel then walked outside to find Valin

"Fred just told me you did kinky things to him while he was on the MC-90 Fear" CrimsonAngel said

"Most likely, wanna drink?" Valin asked

"Yer alright"

News in Breif

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BattleTeam Compeitions

CNS Messageboard



Web Pages



In closing

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Lets all give a big warm drunken welcome to NOV Jadon Treg.

Jadon, your complementry crate of Vodka, and 100 credits worth of chips for my illegal casino can be picked up from my office

BattleTeam Compeition

Start - Today!

End - 25/06/2002 <--I have extended it by a week because I have exams all that week!


Other than a lightsaber, create a HTML document or text document detailing your weapon of choice, and a breif history about it.

Including pictures etc, gives you a better chance at winning


1st Place Crescent Cr - 1S

2nd Place Crescent Cr - 1E

3rd Place Crescent Cr - 1G

Send all entries to me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

CNS Message Board

http://www.ehnet.org/mb/viewforum.php?f=20 <-- Go Spam it ;) I COMMAND YOU!


Ok, I have been given a few ideas for a motto, so here they are:

We have a Seal <-- CrimsonAngel

We have guns and pointy sticks and we're not afraid to use them! <-- Darken Des-Kin

Excido mia ipse tu libet habeo veste (I lost my number, may I have yours?) <-- Jrai

Give me some feeback, which ones you like, or else Ill pick it, and you wont that happening ;)

House Compeititions

Goluud Graphics Competition

As the house website is in desperate need of graphics this competition will hopefully solve that problem.

TASK: Create any graphic that involves either House Primus Goluud or the Obelisk Order. It can be a banner, logo, image, anything at all as long as it keeps with HPG or the Obelisk.


First Place: Crescent with Amethyst Star

Second Place: Crescent with Sapphire Star

Third Place: Crescent with Emerald Star

All entries will receive house points for their work.

Start Date: June 1st, 2002

Due Date: June 15th, 2002

Send all entries to Quaestor Bob.

House Motto Competition

House Primus Goluud has had the same motto since pretty much its beginning.

Legio Patria Nostra

I would like to change this motto as the meaning (The Legion is our Fatherland) dosen't really fit in with the house. So your job is too come up with a new Motto. I would like to keep with tradition and have it still be in latin, but you are not required to submit one in latin.


First Place: Crescent with Amethyst Star

All entries will receive house points for their work.

Start Date: June 1st, 2002

Due Date: June 15th, 2002

Send all entries to Quaestor Bob.

Sputnik War

Location: #Alvaak

Time: Tuesdays - 2PM - 4PM EST (-5 GMT)

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA, Rebellion, SW:GB

Host: Frey

Archanis Training Night

Location: #Archanis

Time: Wednesdays - 8PM - 10PM EST (-5 GMT)

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA, SW:GB

Host: Darkfinn

Web Page

Well I have started it (Splash page), looking at my timetables, i wont be getting it done until after my exams, so another month or so

Thought the home of the Dark Element Web Page can be found at:



Name : Dark Element

Motto: TBA

Webpage: http://www24.brinkster.com/crimsonsapphire/element/

Commander: OW CrimsonAngel

Minister: Fred the Seal

OB Trooper: Valin Darkfyre

OB Trooper: Marcus Caine

OB Trooper: Khevron Rai

OB Trooper: DarkApocalypse

OB Trooper: Z'Lar Kahn

OB Trooper: Darken Des-Kin

OB Trooper: Darken Des-Kin

OB Trooper: Jadon Treg

OB Trooper: TBA

OB Trooper: TBA

OB Trooper: TBA


Remember, when u guys are active, send update emails to myself and bob, so we can monitor this activity, and give out special awards (maybe promotions). Its all well and good being active, but if the right people dont know about it, nothing will ever be done about it.

In Closing

Ok people, lets go, there is lots to do. If you cant participate in something for a specific reason, make sure Bob and myself are informed, or you will have to go to Fred and confess your sins.

With more members in a battleteam, things will begin to get tight in terms of competitions, because you all now have much more compeition.

Lets get some more discussions happening on the egroups, and I want to see more of you guys using the CNS messageboard.

In Darkness....

OW CrimsonAngel

[Insert ID Line Here]

Tie Defender - CrimsonWing

"Fear My HotPants"

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