Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Dark Jedi Knight Korbane Ashoka reporting in for Hells Gatekeepers of Clan Arcona. We have some new faces in our phyle this time around. Be sure to welcome them. I am putting out a call to our Webmasters right now. With the new project thallium thing all Phyles must have a page. Well we have one but I need someone that is willing to update it once in awhile. Cyberguy, I think you made it orginally and if you have the time to do that then that is good but anyone else that wants to get involved in the webpage let me know.

*****Phyle Training/Awards/Promotion

Cyberguy was awarded DSSx2 for submitting 2 things to the Dark Voice. Good job Cyberguy and I encourage all of you to do the same. I am the assisstant editor so more then likely it will make it to the final copy. Sidius I tried to fwd. your little story to the DV but I did not get a reply. So I do not know what happened. You can just submit it to the next one if it is not in this one.

Operation/Comp. News

Clan Arcona Comp. is up until June 23rd. I HIGHLY suggest that you participate if you have not already. This is a great way to earn alot of medals and perhaps a promotion. On another note you do not have to CC me anything, infact I encourage you not to because I get enough stuff with the Dark Voice. Instead do what cyberguy did and just send me an E-mail saying what you have done. If you want my help or suggestion on one of your submission that is a different story and go right ahead. That is what I am here for to help you.

Krath Monthly Topic for both the poem and story is 'Lightsaber'. I believe he wants you to write about what it means to Jedi but I did not think that was to cool because when I think of lightsabers I think of battles so I made a big deul between to opponents. You guys can do what you want send you submissions to: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Be sure to CC them to Kahn and Paladorion if you participate if both I believe they are giving out a little extra like a LoC or LoM.

**Upcoming Events*

Clan Arcona History Book, this is going to be a big project. While the envoys will be the points of contact for making the book all of you will need to submit as much as you can. This has not been attempted before that I know of so our Clan will be setting the standard. I encourage all of you to help out as much as possible.

I am going to try to set-up another Phyle War as soon as the pace slows down a bit. I thought the last one was fun and I think everyone else liked it to. (I am still waiting on our artifact from Paladorion, he tells me "Patience my young apprentice..." ;P

**Current Roster**

Dark Jedi Knight Korbane Ashoka

Pontifex Gilkane

Archpriest Kelvis Xavier

Krath Priest Timeros Caesus Entar

Dark Jedi Knight Cyberguy

Jedi Hunter JaM3z 'X-Ray' Lucius Entar

Guardian Breadian^X

Novice Sidius Claw

Acolyte Strategos

DJK Korbane Ashoka (Krath)/TET/Qel-Droma of Arcona [KSOE: CC2]



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