Aedile Report


Aedile Report

AED Report

1)a slow week in the house comp ,,just a reminder the matches must be against other players not just bots. And you have till the end of June to get in your screenshots.

2) the july comp is quickly approaching so here are some links to download teh tools to begin working on figureing out how to make levels/mods/skins. this is a learning comp so we can rack up huge points in the GJW so dont worry if you think it looks silly or whatever unless you say so I will be the only one to actually see your finished product, now if you want yours posted a web site is being built for this comp we can have it posted there for all to download, just if you want it posted remeber the LEC read me file.

i believe thats it except for the house & clan mwssage board

ok now go kick some butt in this house fued!!!!

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