Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Greetings my Dark Jedi!

As you know now the House Feud with Dinaari is under way. I am able to join the fight this evening. I have been rushing around sorted out some stuff for a new job i am going for, and with the World Cup also & IS3 i have been tied up somewhat of late. But don't let me hold you guys back! Your the back bone of the House........i am just the head.

SGT's - Get your guys sorted and on the ball!!! Its time for no more words and some action! Search for them in #db & #obelisk, get the moving and motivated.......this is our big chance ahead of the GJW to show what we can do! Lets get moving and onto VICTORY!

DB & House Kirleta News.

For all the latest DB wide news and reveiws please goto - http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/news.asp

  1. House Feud!!!!!!!! - Ok guys & girls, you know this has started, so lets get online and show House Dinaari that we want the #1 spot and badly!! I wanna see atleast 80% online with me tonight! I wanna see you guys in matches and kicking some ass for us. In 2 weeks i want us to have the upper hand and be way ahead of Dinaari on wins. Good luck to all of you! Fight Hard and Honourably my Dark Jedi ;))

  2. Clan Feud - In the week, PCON Darkonian sent out this mail to all QUA's & AED's -


Over the past few days the Clan Summits of both clans have been discussing the possibility of a Clan Feud, the details of which are have listed below. We chose "The one Clan" as a title for this competition.

The storyline will be something like this : an old jedi master is telling his grandson a story, the story about the rise of the one clan to power , and how it all started . This will be actually part of the role of the Krath in this competition. that story will start with the clan recieving information about a derlict ship orbiting a small abandond asteroid. All that is known is that when the ship dissapeared thousands of years ago it was on a secret mission for the jedi council of the old republic. So the can gets intrested in uncovering the secret or secrets this ship might hold .

We are hoping that you will both agree to award the winner of the feud the Cap-Ship as a prize after an extensive overhaul of course :P , and when (if) you agree to this I hope you can tell us as soon as possible which ship we would be allowed. This ship then has to be included in all the aspects of the Feud, so it is imperative that we know before hand what the ship is.

Before i go any further i would like to explain that in this feud the enemy will not be the other clan. this will be the story of the one clan rising to power over the galaxy (way away in the future from now :P).

it will be like this that each clan will be actually writing the story for the other clan , thus affecting their performance in this comp.

i hope the description of the events wil explain it all.

The events will be as follows:

Open Events:

these events will run from the starting date till the end of the competition.

so they do exist in their own right as an event as well as filling in the time gaps that will arise from the way the competition main story is set to develop

*Run On:

the run On will be something of friendly competition here with the same runon open for all members of both clans.

topic will be selected in time, most probably we will focus on the story of one person , or a group of persons who took part in conquering the ship.

scoring :

will be ranging from one point per post to 5 for quality submissions.

the points are counted towards the posters own standing aswell give thge same amount of points to his clan.

i think For this event we will be creating both clan encombassing mailing list. for archivings reasons we will also have these post on an MB with the score they were given.

  • Graphics:

this will be also open to every one in both clans. there will be no partcipation points here, so we hope to see only quality submissions.

to enforce this crap entries will be rejected!

theme of all gfx submitted should be the story of the feud. all other submissions will be disqualified.

the gfx event would also include the skin creation for jk and jk2


as we want quality entries , and if an entry makes it through screening , it will get a min of 5 points and will go up to 10 points for high quality.

again points will be counted towards the persons and his clans score.

in the case of a skin, if it is accepted it will be 10 points and 15 for quality skins.

  • Ladder

after puting much thought into it, there will be only one single mp ladder event during this competition, that is open for every member of both clans.

there are sith who would like to play jk, obelisk who would like to fly and Krath who would like to fly and play jk 1/2. so limiting a game platform to

a house isn't a real option here, at least none that we want :P

this means each member will register with his main personna and is allowed to fly or jk as much as they like.

i do think this will allow higher participation in the ladder, and the diversity would actually get us a higher total of games played.


for all matches being it jk 1 /2 , XvT or Xwa , the following point system will be used

1vs1 win=1+CoF

3 people win=3+CoF 2nd=1

4 people win=6+CoF 2nd=3+CoF 3rd=1

5 people win=10+CoF 2nd=6 +CoF 3rd=3 4th=1

6 people win=16+CoF 2nd=10+CoF 3rd=6+CoF 4th=3 5th=1

so we are basically handing points and CoF's for the mp wins.

the individual score will determine the winners and what medal they would recieve. the points will be counted towards the clan points .


this event is not bound to the plot, but only to SW, the EH and DB. during a given period of time each clan will try to come up with as many good & difficult questions as they can. then of these the best 50 are chose and send to the other clan for solving.


this is still open as we have to see if we sould set a time limit to answer the questions, and after that the correctly answered questions will be the clan score in this event.

also we got to figure out how to award individual acchievment here.

now we come to the order specific parts:


If we can we will have the level (based on the Krath description once more ) coded for both JK and JK2. This will give all Obbie the chance to take part no matter what version of the game they have. From the docking bay in the ship they have to make their way through a maze of corridors to the bridge of the Cap-Ship or the computer core. The final bosses will be 4 guardians, very well trained super soldiers whose job it is to control the ship.

so each clan will not be playing the other clans obelisk but rather bots (really bad ass bots) created by Dread.

our goal is to create a sp and mp lvl for jk1 and a mp jk2 lvl by each clan. the mp lvls will be played in teams against the aforementioned guardians.

the sp jk1 lvl sould have a story line based on the krath work.

in the second event each clan will test itself playing the lvls created by the other clan.

scoring will be in the same way as for the sith event.

as you see the events start by krath, then obelisk and sith, and once more the krath. this is where the open events will come in handy giving the members 4 event to take part in while the story of devlopes.

We will be asking other Clan Summits to judge entries. That way our Clan Summits can still take part in the competition and it also takes the work away from the Order Leaders. We also see that this is a way of getting other Clan Summit's into getting their own Feuds going whilst we wait for the big DJB competition. There will be individual awards of course comprising of Crescent with whatever attachment for first, second or third place in each platform of each event. Ranking tables will also be devised listed points for the competitions and regularly updated with access for all four Clan Summit members to update it. The Clan with the highest overall points system at the end of all events wins.

We would appreciate if you could both reply as soon as possible with your thoughts so that we can start getting everything ready, start ironing out the finer points and submit a full and proper application through the DGM's competitions page. We would also appreciate a massive warship that we can fight over for our main prize! :P

Put to this electronic paper on 19/06/2002 by SBL Gord Darkonian

Based on an idea of his and the close work of KE Cuchulain, SWL Drako and KAP Saitou.

Your servants,

SBL Gord Darkonian (Sith)/PCON/Clan Satal Keto



A Clan Feud with CSP!! Should be cool >:} I will keep you guys posted on the progress of this Clan feud as i get them :)

  1. CON's Celebrations! - Having been our glorious leader now for 1 year, SWL Drako so nicely handed out some promotions and medals this week for his hard working peeps, here are the lucky beggers in House Kirleta -


OW Waza Sunrider was awarded the Star of Eos. Congrats and well done Waza :)

OWL Rizlib was awarded the Steel Cross. Congrats Rizzy ;)

OBM Azazel Djo'Tarr was awarded the Steel Cross. Bah... Yer bum Az!

Congrats you guys ;) Well deserved medals there.


PRT Reza to GRD

OW Gryffon to OBM

Congrats dudes!!! Well done :)

  1. New JK2 comp! - Here are the details guys! Grab a Dinaari dude in this and get a win in for the Feud also! -

I have been asked by the Sith High Warrior to inform you all about a new

competition that takes place at 7:00 p.m. EST on Sundays. This new

competition, called the Mage's Sunday Special, is currently an

elimination JK2 tourny. It is going to be adapted to become similiar to

the #ehcoc events, so that anyone can participate.

Please inform your clan members, so that they can attend the Mage's

Sunday Special - 7:00 p.m. EST in channel #vendetta

Thanks again,

OW Mage (Obelisk)/QUA/Galeres of Arcona [GMRG: CRU-S]


CMDR/CM Mage/Phoenix/Wing XIII/ISD Grey Wolf



Kirleta.......lets get stuck into this also. >:}

Further Medals and Promo's.

GRD Reza was awarded - a DC, x8 CF's.

OBM Gryffon was awarded - a CF.

JH Magus Lionheart was awarded - x2 CF's

OWL Rizlib was awarded - Crescent w/Diamond Star

Well done chaps, keep the medals rolling in! ;))


PRT Karishma Mathai - Vashino to Dorimad Sol

JH Cray Mikalen - Rogue to House Kirleta (welcome back ) :)


greetings AZ

as I sat down for breakfast this morning i realized i

havent been online in like 2 days.

I guess it'll be best if i got on leave for a bit till

some of this settles down i should be back on monday,

tuesday at the latest. sorry for any inconvience.


OW Waza Sunrider (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto, GC/DC-KC-O-C/(BN)/(CF)/ {SA: }/CoL

"One shall stand ,,,,,, one shall fall"

Klux Martin Jedi Knight

Ahh.....tis ok Waza :) Just make sure your back and fighting fit! I need you all in this feud!

Guys thats about it for this week. I hope to see you all online later......if not i will want to know why your not helping your fellow Jedi out. You have ALL had enough updates and pre warning for this feud! Now i wanna see you guys working as a team and winning. Don't forget..........keep an eye out for the AWOL check, it will come soon enough for the weary that i can assure you.

Until next time......take care of yourselves.......and eachother!


Azazels weekly word of wisdom - " Know your enemy......know yourself.....and your victories never in danger!"

Respectfully submitted.

In Loyal servitude of Clan Satal Keto.


COM/RA Azazel Djo'Tarr/ISDII Grey Wolf

SSx2/BSx3/PCx5/ISMx4/IS-1BR/LoC-PSx22/COL/CoB/OV [LGNR] {IWATS- AIM-CBX-M/1/2-RT-SM/2-TT-XTT} ( Tie Phantom-'Sabertooth' | Callsign- "Wolverine" )

OBM Azazel Djo'Tarr (Obelisk)/QUA/Kirleta of Satal Keto,

(SC)(SE-WG)/(BN) {SA Core}

LG/HNR Azazel Djo'Tarr/Empyrean-Phare-Frigg {DGA-Core}

"Every Wolf suffers flea's.......tis easy enough scratch!!"


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