Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Dark Greetings all,

Another report of the highs and lows of a week in House Cestus, another busy week from the majority of the House and some good results.

Quite a few things to report this week so I will go straight into it.


Okay the usual people have been active again this week, hopefully those of you who are not so active will take inspiration from this and joinin with the fun.

I have only been sent 4 activity reports from the Rollmaster this week and one of them was mine, I know 2 people are on leave at the moment so those who have not sent them get them in weekly to the RM every Wednesday.

Okay medals a plenty this week but I will list the winners later, but I would like to congratulate PRT Sukuth in placing 2nd in the OHC`s tourney in Obelisk, also to all the members that turned up to participate we have a good record within this tourneys by having the majority House presence and placing in almost every tourney good work guys.

We also have other competitions running and proposed at the moment and I would urge everyone to particpate as much as they are able because these competitions have been planned for your enjoyment and a lot of hard work have gone into them.

There was a good presence on IRC as well this week with 4 members or more in the channels every night, this amount of activity across the board is a reflection of the good members Cestus currently has.


The roster currently stands at 10 members.

OW Ziguarath - QUA

DJK Darkov

DJK Gelton Torr - AED

GRD Glorfindel - SGT Battalion of Fear

JH Blackhero

PRT Talon Zetar - SGT Armoured Fist

PRT Zekk

ACO Daryan

PRT Sukuth - RollMaster

NOV Sauron


Okay here is the list of competitions and proposed competitions that are happening at the moment.

House Competition, design a House Banner and a House Opening graphic for the website. Each player is able to submit 3 banner graphics and 2 opening page graphics lets be inventive on this one and hopefully we some some good original artwork.

House JK2 competition, this competition is currently running and a lot of the matches are being played.

Clan competition, our Consul has sent a mail to everyone reference the Clan competition so lets get Creative Cestus lets score the points and show what house likes to win competitions.

The Sgt of Battalion of Fear is working on a JK1 competition and I urge all of you who have the platform to support this comp, as JK1 was the original Obelisk game.

Armoured Fists Sgt Talon Zetar has a fiction comp about to start soon so its a chance for us to prove our skills in other fields.

#EHCOC hosts comps every night to find out what times they are type !complist when you are in the channel.

OHCs tourneys in Obelisk every Saturday at 3:00pm EST various settings, watch for the OHCs announcements to find out what the settings for the tourney is.

As you can see there is plenty for you to do so get out there and do it. :)


Plenty awarded this week here are the recipients:

PRT Sukuth - Cluster of Fire x 4

DJK Gelton Torr - Cluster of Fire x 2

ACO Zekk - Cluster of Fire x 1

OW Ziguarath - Cluster of Fire x 2

DJK Gelton Torr - Crescent w/Diamond Star

PRT Sukuth - Crescent w/Ruby Star

OW Ziguarath - Crescent w/Amethyst Star

Congratulations to all recipients proof that your hard work is rewarded.

Thats a total of 12 medals in one week keep up the good work now we have shown others what we can do we can only get better.

No promotions this week.

Okay another great week by all thankyou all for helping me make this a fun place to be

OW Ziguarath(Obelisk)/QUA/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG:INI][KSOE:CC2] GC/(SC)/DC/(BN)/Cr-1R-1D-1A/CF {SA:CORE-CH}

Gwell Angau Na Chwylidd

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