Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Sith Order Announcements for the Week Ending 21 June, 2002:

1) Recently I sent a mail out to the Sith Houses asking for the names of the staging platforms they have all recieved from the SHWO. So far I have the following ones:

House Archanis: PLT Oakley

House Caliburnus: PLT N/A

House Galthain: PLT N/A

House Ludo Kressh: PLT Obsidian

House Oriens Obscurum: PLT N/A

House Ronin: PLT N/A

House Tridens: PLT Aegis

2) I've started doing some preliminary work on a Sith Order Wargame, as I know everybody likes wargames, or if they haven't done them, they're interested in doing them... or if you don't, yer just weird. Anyways, I'll be working with the TC's War Officer VA Pel (some may know him as SBM Pel of House Tridens. I'll let everybody know.

3) My Magistrate, KE (I really gotta get him to change that) Synjin "Hades" Erebor has reported that he is coming close to completing the first of a series of Sith Order Shadow Academy courses. This one is the Starfighter Maintenance and tactics one. I'll keep you informed.

4) Congrats to lil Mr. Drako on his one year anniversary... finally someone else who sticks around in a position for 1+ years... yay! Anyways, I'll buy ya a drink sometime Oldie.

5) I'm still in need of a graphics designer for the Sith Order Webpage. So in order for me to make it just a little easier on everyone, so I know they'll apply... I'll say this BIG TIME REWARDS FOR THE MAN (or woman) WHO BRINGS ME A GRAPHICS DESIGNER. Teehee.

6) Multiplayer Night Leaders, I'm gunna need each of you to email me so we can get to talking about some stuff, mostly, why I haven't gotten any DB Only results in almost 3 weeks. You have until Sunday to email me before I remove your events from the Message Board.

7) Speaking of MP Nights, I'm gunna start advertising the TC hosted MP Nights aswell, because if you so wish, you can participate for the DB, and play for CoFs. Cool huh? Monitor the TC MP Nights at this URL:

That's it for me folks, Fly fast and Shoot Straight.

Sith High Warrior, Warlord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

"Beware, the Ides of March are Upon You!"

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